The Wicca Book of Days for Feb. 8th – Aspirational Air

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Aspirational Air  


The Element that ancient astrologers assigned to today’s zodiacal sign of Aquarius is Air which has many symbolic connotations, including communication, intelligence, spirituality, aspirations and other “higher things,” along with independence and an aversion to being constrained. In addition, Air is associated with Spring; the East; and the color blue, the hue of the sky that is this Element’s realm. Air is also considered to be a spiritual Element, for it provides the breath of life, or soul, that animates us, while ghosts are popularly believed to be ethereal, incorporeal beings that can be felt (often as a breeze or drop in temperature), rather than seen.


 “Melodious Messages” 

Messages are carried through the air as sounds. Today, you’ll find that including songs in you rituals pays dividends, by enabling your soul to sing freely. Invoke the Goddess in this melodious way and you should find your pleas answered.   

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