Has Neo-Paganism Gone Back Into the Broom Closet?

Has Neo-Paganism Gone Back Into the Broom Closet?

Author: Cathryn Platine

Having been a practicing Pagan for most of a somewhat long life, I’ve noticed what appears to be a retreat lately from organized groups back to a solitary form of practice among modern Neo-Pagans. Thirty or so years ago we were blossoming as a religious movement, new groups forming on a daily basis and frequently cited as the fastest growing religious movement on the planet. What happened?

In many ways those very things that were our strengths at first seemed to have worked against us in the long run. We became a religious movement of mostly chiefs and few Indians. Our leaders didn’t fail us, the idea that we all needed to be leaders did.

This isn’t just a failing of Paganism. It seems to hold true with any marginalized group that has been forced into individualized closets. Thirty years ago while public awareness of Paganism was growing, we still had an era where many local police departments were still operating “Occult Squads” which were little more than modern extensions of the Burning Times.

The more timid did not openly wear symbols of their religion and did not openly belong to groups. Those who were bursting forth did so in independent open defiance of the status quo. All that was required to be a Pagan leader back then was a soapbox, a loud voice and a general willingness to be “out and proud”.

It was an exciting time to be Pagan but it also meant that there were a lot of turf wars over ideology and even legitimacy. These are remembered today as the Great Witch Wars and they did hurt us, but at the same time several of our best known Elders came out of this period.

Just as the Women’s Movement, which came of age around the same time, the GLB movement and today the Transgender Movement, Neo-Paganism thrusts together highly individualistic and independently minded people under a common cause which at first is very exciting but then gets lost in the individual differences. We can do better than this; we must do better than this if we are to survive. It is possible for us to band together in celebrations that actually celebrate our unique qualities. It is necessary we gather in common to fight for our collective civil rights without turf wars. We need to learn that those whose practices are somewhat different from our own are still our sisters and brothers.

A strange thing happened our way towards revival…traditions that were originally spread by oral teachings, plays, storytelling, mentoring and other non-written forms became enslaved in the written word. This actually changes even the way you think and process what you learn from the emotional side to the logical one. An excellent (ironically enough) book on the subject is The Alphabet Vs. The Goddess by Leonard Shlain, which I highly recommend as vital reading for all Neo-Pagans.

An argument can easily be made that the very revival of Goddess awareness resulted from a shift away from the written word to the visual in the form of movies and television that allowed a return to a more ancient mode of informational processing and yet the paradox of the Neo-Pagan religious movement was a rush towards an ever growing number of Pagan authors as it grew!

Over the years I’ve witnessed pagans group together in mutually exclusive groups based on different Occult bookstores in an area, the bookstore owners becoming the de facto local Pagan warlords. The Pagan authors have replaced local deities with completely predictable results. Those Pagan centres won at the cost of often great expense and work have trouble getting community support and frequently find themselves at odds with local governments over issues such as basic recognition of religious status.

We Cybelines find ourselves in that position right now, our property denied tax-exempt status locally despite both Federal and State recognition as a legitimate religious group doing charitable work. While we won the right to Pagan clergy in the Armed Forces back in the seventies, recently a major battle was required simply to get the Veterans Administration to acknowledge the Pentacle as a valid religious symbol. We are meekly allowing ourselves to be shoved back into the broom closet once again.

One of the frequently voiced justifications for less than full recognition of our legal status goes like this: Where are the Pagan hospitals, orphanages, and shelters? Those who voice this then point to Christianity, as somehow more worthy for having them but forgetting the Christians didn’t invent charitable works, they learned them from ancient Pagans. There exists a smallish but growing groups of Pagans who are restoring ancient forms of living together in religious communities complete with the charitable works. Pagan Pride events now routinely do food drives as part and parcel of organizing their events.

We can do this. We can support each other and still respect our individual beliefs and practices. We can live together in supportive communities. We can and must do charitable outreach as part and parcel of our very spiritual nature.

Without taking anything away from Pagans who personify Deities, I have also witnessed a growth of those whose spiritual awareness has moved towards recognition of the Divine in all around us. Most of those with this viewpoint embrace the ancient Mother Goddess traditions, especially what was known in classical times as the Mystery Religions. Many solo practitioners today also embrace this point of view.

If you understand that everyone you encounter is as much part of the Goddess as you are, you don’t need carrot and stick theology to understand that treating others decently is simply another form of worshiping the Divine. You don’t require leaders to spoon-feed you the requirements of “loving” deity to give you your birthright, a personal connection with the Divine that is within you. All you need is those who help you locate the Divine within you and connect with it.

After a lifetime of study and research and soul searching I found this was the “Old Religion” that in the early days of the Neo-Pagan revival everyone claimed descent from. I found it was almost universal in the ancient world going back as far as is possible to go in history.

I saw it first revived in modern times in the “Women’s Spirituality” movement but much of that became sidetracked, in my own opinion, in understandable feminist reaction to living in a world controlled by the patriarchy. I’ve been saddened to see some groups retreat into matriarchal thinking that seeks to replace patriarchy with a macho form of matriarchy. It is not so much the actual gender of the individual that is the problem with patriarchy, it’s the dismissal an entire way of living and thinking embodied in Goddess traditions that seek to live in harmony with nature understanding we are all intimately connected and the ideals of nurturing rather than dominating. Replacing one form of domination with another is a zero sum game.

It’s time that all of us who embrace a Pagan identity ask ourselves exactly what do we hold as core values and do we actually live those values? If your personal answers are similar to my own, how can you celebrate your connection to the Divine without making connections with others part of that?

Why aren’t you seeking out groups that share your core beliefs? If you cannot find such a group, why aren’t you forming them?

Don’t retreat to the broom closets, don’t seek answers from others outside yourself, join in celebrations and living with those who share your worldview. Rather than seeking leaders or worse, trying to become one, why not pursue a life of service to others in recognition that they are part of yourself?


Stuck On Stupid?: A Seeker’s Perspective

Stuck On Stupid?: A Seeker’s Perspective

Author: R. T. Hummingbird

Anyone who has done Customer Service work in just about any capacity has encountered a scenario similar to this one at least once, if not many times: A customer or client is not able to access their account, or use whatever service is provided by your company, and they call Customer Service for assistance.

Let’s say for example that this particular problem the customer is experiencing is usually resolved by a Customer Service specialist resetting or unlocking their account. But, in this particular instance, the customer needs to submit an access request form to get the account restored from a disabled state. From the point of view of the Customer Service specialist, this is a very simple process that provides a very quick resolution to the issue.

However, from the customer’s perspective, this may be an alien and frightening territory you’re asking them to enter… and, for whatever the reason may be, they feel apprehensive about performing whatever steps are required to resolve their issue. They would much rather have the Customer Service person “work their magic” and make their problem (s) go away for them… a testament to our society’s addiction to instant gratification, but that’s a whole other essay.

For my full-time job, I work at a somewhat huge Information Technology firm that provides computer services to many big-named companies here in the United States and worldwide. My job function at this firm is to provide end-user support to our client company’s employees. This particular client I support is another huge corporation whose primary business is quite different from Information Technology.

Our client’s employees are very skilled in their own crafts, and see the computer sitting on the foreman’s desk, or in the manager’s office, as a mere tool that is only used for one or more specific purpose, and nothing more. Whereas, for someone who works in Information Technology, a computer is much more than a mere tool. The Information Technology person tends to have a much deeper understanding of these machines and how they work… and (most of the time) knows how to fix them when they break.

To illustrate the contrast, if you were to place me in an aircraft mechanical shop and told me to diagnose and fix an issue with a broke-down airplane, I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing. Whereas, if you were to take an airline mechanic, place him in front of a crashed computer and ask him to diagnose and fix it, he wouldn’t know what to do either. In fact, he may grab a sledgehammer or whatever heavy tool he had handy and smash it to pieces in frustration.

He may or may not be willing (or have the patience) to perform whatever steps may be necessary to correct the issue with the machine simply because he is not familiar with it… or perhaps he doesn’t understand how it works well enough. Or, maybe this person is a “techno-phobe” – one who tends to steer away from new technology, and favors the “old-fashioned” ways of doing things.

Whatever the reason may be, a specialist or expert would perceive this individual as someone who doesn’t seem to possess enough intelligence to tie their own shoes, let alone use whatever product or service the specialist supports… when in fact they may be quite intelligent in their own right, and are likely more knowledgeable in other subject matters than the specialist. This could apply to many things aside from Customer Service. I’m sure this perspective applies to just about every occupation there is.

As for me, I’ve worked in Customer Service for about a decade for various companies and in various capacities, and at just about every job I’ve held, I’ve experienced the scenario I described above many, many times. Currently at my job, I am training to take on a new position with new responsibilities. My trainer (to whom I owe a tremendous amount of credit and respect) is the most-skilled Customer Service specialist I have ever met. She has a very broad understanding of how most people think, and knows how to appease a customer while resolving their issue at the same time. This is a skill that I’m working on perfecting myself, but I doubt I’ll ever be at the same level as she.

While I’m pretty sure she is a church-going Christian, one can definitely sense the Goddess within her. She is aglow with Her Love, and is also extremely patient. She could be considered the exact opposite of the “Teacher” described in Arianna Reibia’s essay “The Best Teacher?” ( http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=uswv and c=words and id=12019) .

Yesterday during class, our Trainer was describing a scenario where a client customer had called our Help Desk 16 times within the last 3 days about an issue with an account on our system. Each time, the customer was directed to the correct procedure she needed to perform to restore her access. Apparently this particular procedure was well outside her comfort zone, as she didn’t seem willing to do it herself.

The Trainer described this person as being “stuck on stupid”, implying that she was being too stubborn about remaining inside her comfort zone, and insisting that the Help Desk would solve her issue if she asked enough times.

When this customer received the good fortune to speak with our Trainer about the issue, our Trainer used her mastery of Customer Service to appease the customer, and figuratively “take her by the hand”, lead her to where she needed to go, and walked her through the process. Later that day her issue was resolved.

As a new seeker of Wicca, I see a lesson from The Goddess in this. While something may be second nature to you, it may be uncharted territory to someone else. This doesn’t make the other person any less intelligent (or perhaps it does, depending on the person and the situation) .

When such a person approaches you for help with something that may seem amazingly simple to you, this doesn’t mean they lack intelligence. Instead, they may be in search of a caring, patient individual who will take them by the hand, relieve their fears with a caring disposition, and show them how it’s done. I believe this to be one of the qualities embodied by the Goddess, and as I continue to learn and pursue my Wiccan faith, I will bring honor to the Goddess by offering a caring hand to those who seek my help… within my job and in the world.

“The Best Teacher?” essay by Arianna Reibia ( http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=uswv and c=words and id=12019)

Realistic Magical Advice for the “Good” Witch

Realistic Magical Advice for the “Good” Witch

Author: The Wyld Dream

As a spell slinger I am often referred to those in “dire need.” Sometimes the problem is rather simple. I have been sent after lost keys, a missing cat, and have had many requests for the usual prosperity spells. Occasionally the difficulty is more occult in nature and there is a problem spirit, a nasty Witch, or even a demonic possession.

Often the person in need is not a Witch and has little or no familiarity with real Magic. They have heard from others that I am “the real deal” and that I can help them. They are willing to suspend their disbelief and trust their contact’s assertion that I can and will magically solve the problem for free. Such is the way of the “good Witch.” A real Magic user often puts themselves out there as a white hat, a do-gooder, a veritable magnet for trouble and we traditionally do it for free.

There is a little saying, “You get what you pay for.” In the case of magical advice this well-known axiom tends to work in the reverse. Very few truly good and helpful Witches make significant amounts of money from practicing their craft. Most won’t take a dime. All that these generous folk ask for is the acknowledgement that they are “real” Magic users, and that you fully accept that when all is said and done that you have been helped by their use of Magic.

I firmly believe that the craft of will working reality is a skill. Yes some people have natural talent, but in the end most people can learn how to consciously change reality and “make things happen.” I believe that everyone, even the most dense and ardent disbeliever already uses Magic daily. The difference between Witches, sorcerers, Wicca, and other will workers is that we do it with purpose.

Using Magic is like dreaming. All people must sleep and all must dream but some people are able to lucid dream. They can control their dream reality. Some have a natural ability to lucid dream, others have taught themselves this skill, several people can lucid dream only rarely, and a few people simply cannot seem to ever remember their dreams at all. Those who can lucid dream have different levels of skill, a number of them can change themselves, some can change their environment, and others can force various people or elements into a dream.

In our waking world there are people that are natural magi. They don’t think much about how they do Magic and find that almost any technique of ritual, focus, or magical practice will work for them. Then there are people who have to try a little bit harder. They have to seek out the magical practice that works best for them. This is an ongoing process of trial and error that can at times be exhausting.

Then there are the difficult ones, the ones that really want to believe, but simply cannot “see” Magic. Where others see providence, they can only see coincidence. And then there are the unfortunate ones. They are completely blind to all Magic and insist that those those of us who do see Magic are mistaken.

Real Magic is a balance between the two opposites of providence and coincidence. For one who is aware of the underlying structure of reality there is no such thing as coincidence, and therefore conversely there is also no true providence. Somewhere between destiny and random happenstance lies the will worker’s mutable continuum of existence. They see that there is a multiplicity of Truths to this existence, and often Witches who are actually capable of effecting change can choose the Truth or the reality that they want to accept at any given moment.

This leads us back to the simple problem of a set of missing keys. When dealing with this predicament there are certain Truths that must be established: Have the keys been stolen, or are the keys “lost?” When and where the keys last seen? Where would the keys normally be? How many other people could have affected the location of the keys?

However before I lift so much as an eyebrow in an effort to find the keys using Magic I must first establish that the client has tried every mundane way possible to find the keys. Why? Because Magic isn’t a toy. Magic is not the easy button you slam whenever you are finding that things in life are inconvenient. If they were my keys, and I was practicing my skill with Magic I would attempt to use my ability of just “knowing” to find the keys. This practice would be for my own edification, and would teach me a valuable lesson on accepting my “knowing” but when working for someone else I need to consider the fact that I may be removing an opportunity for them to learn.

There are many lessons in a lost set of keys. Just telling someone where their keys are teaches them nothing. There are lessons about responsibility, about caution, about being organized, and in the case of an unrecoverable set of keys, about replacing locks. Casting a Magic spell won’t help them in the long run because they will just lose their keys again. Do I have a right to helps someone circumvent their lessons? Do I want the client to put me in their speed dial and call me every time they lose their keys or a contact lens? I don’t think so. Though, maybe just this once they need to learn that Magic is real. So, if I decide that is indeed the lesson that they need to learn the best way to teach them is to let them do it for themselves.

If someone has tried every mundane means feasible short of renting a metal detector to find their keys and are ready to ask for magical help I would consider what would work best for them. In this case dowsing rods seem appropriate. I would take two pieces of thick wire of nearly the same length, bend the ends to make handles and give them to the client and explain that they will point toward the keys. This has in the past lead to a merry chase where in we find every set of keys except the right ones when all the while I know the keys are in their car.

Sometimes there are no keys to find. The keys have been “found” and moved and are no longer lost. A stranger picked them up off the sidewalk or a coworker absconded with them. In these instances I have no choice but to tell people, “Sorry. I don’t see them. I don’t think that they are lost.” We can try to find them, but sometimes some things don’t come back even with real magical help. At this point I recommend putting an ad in the local paper.

This same logical approach can be applied to even the worst situations such as the negative spirit, and the demonic possession. First have they tried any and every possible mundane way to deal with the problem? Have they looked into medical help and made sure they don’t have a brain tumor or a chemical imbalance? Do they live underneath major power lines? Are they exposed to hallucinogens or drugs on a regular basis? Did they do LSD in high school? Think about it, the client isn’t a doctor, nor are they a Witch, can they honestly tell the difference between a hallucination and a visitation? Probably not, so try to encourage them to seek medical advice first.

Once you have established that they are indeed sane and healthy, ask them why they haven’t gone to their church. This is an important question. I am a Polytheist and therefore I don’t casually recommend organized religion as a way to deal with these problems but historically it has been effective to use high ritual to strengthen the mind of the afflicted and allow them to use their faith to either overcome the spirit or close their mind to random spiritual minutia. If you are their clergy then it is your duty to give them as much help as you can. Do not offer help you are not qualified to give, such as medical advice. Do seek a second opinion. Sometimes when you have a very good hammer, such as Magic, all problems start looking like nails, but not every problem is magical or spiritual.

The difference between a hallucination and a visitation is generally speaking academic. Do you honestly believe that there is a presence behind the voices your client hears? Do you hear them too? Can you “feel” a presence? Do you think you can make them go away? If the answer is yes, then you have a visitation. Otherwise if only a single individual can experience the disembodied presence it is a hallucination, and if it isn’t caused by a chemical imbalance there are a myriad of other mundane explanations that can be examined, and finally there is the potential for a genuine but singular haunting or possession.

It is important to consider the possibility that the problem can also be both chemical and magical, and sometimes solving one half of the equation; the chemical, you can also solve the magical problem. Someone who has a lithium imbalance or a drinking problem is far more likely to draw dark spirits than other people. In essence their minds are often more open to negative influence. Righting their chemical imbalance through professional help of doctors, medications, or addiction programs can lead to a reduction in spiritual problems.

And then there are those that don’t fit into either category, the emotional. Occasionally you will find that a person is physically healthy, spiritually unhindered but still disturbed by an inability to cope with reality. Some people have emotional damage that you cannot help. They seek attention, are overly dramatic, and while they might truly believe that they are haunted are completely unwilling to take logical action to take care of the problem. Generally they will only take steps to make things worse because they are seeking attention. In such cases it is best for you to walk away and don’t look back.

Furthermore, it is very dangerous to try to help people who are not mentally well, and whether magical, chemical, or simply emotional someone who is fighting a dark presence is not well. Proceed with caution. Emphasize a mundane solution first. A sane healthy person has nothing to lose going to get a cursory medical examine. They won’t balk at speaking to their doctor nor will they shun getting their home checked for uncommonly strong electromagnetic fields caused by power lines, fault lines, or poor wiring. Someone who doesn’t want to deal with the mundane problem and solutions probably won’t actually be able to accept your magical help either, so don’t waste your time.

This leads me to EM fields, radiation, and other sources for visual and auditory delusions. There can be many reasons why someone suddenly experiences negative or positive “spiritual” presences that have to do not with their personal psychic or magical ability but instead are based on their environment. By spiritual I mean disembodied non-corporeal entities. These disturbances can come in a vast array of visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory “hallucinations”.

Again I must emphasize that it can be both a real tangible scientific cause, such as disruptive electromagnetic fields that cause the brain to see things that aren’t there, and it can also be a spirit using those same EM fields as fuel and “messing” with their poor human neighbors because they can. Take care of one problem, poor wiring causing a high EM field in a house, and generally the person won’t have visions, or the ghost won’t be able to bother them any more. (Or at least, not as much.)

And as frightening as the situation likely is for your client there are things they can do that will help. First they must deal with the problem rationally and explore all possible causes and cures and consider possible compromises. Not all spirits are evil. Usually they will come to a Magic user for help because this is a new and frightening experience for them. You must ask them is the really that bad, or is it something they just aren’t accustomed to? If you believe the presence is tied to a location you must ask them why they won’t move. Keep in mind that just because their house is old doesn’t mean it is a ghost bothering them, nor is the strange noise just the house settling. Sometimes the answer is both, and occasionally it is neither.

Teenagers, mostly girls, tend to draw particularly violent and aggressive spiritual disturbances known as poltergeists. This label is a misnomer. It indicates that there is a “noisy ghost” haunting the subject but I have fond that half the time it is subject herself having uncontrollable psychic energy surges unrelated to any outside manifestations. Generally these go away as the girl matures; rarely does the individual learn to control the phenomenon. Some have reoccurrences later in life under particularly stressful situations. If you interrogate a subject you might ask if they were “haunted” in their teenage years and if they are currently under stress from a source other than the visitation.

In the case of possession, there is no positive compromise. A human has exclusive and prime right to their body and under no circumstance should they be encouraged to “share” that private space. In this instance I must insist you ask for and ardently seek help in your area. Start with medical. A chemical imbalance can make a person weak, and susceptible to possession. An emotional imbalance can cause that as well. Remember that if you are not experienced at exorcism you can get hurt, the client can get hurt, and sometimes you can fail utterly. Possession is often linked with suicide, homicide and self-mutilation. It is not for the inexperienced. Do not take it lightly.

Finally sometimes there is no solution, all your best efforts mundane and magical fail, and the best advice you can give to a client is in any situation other than a possession is “Deal with it.” Sometimes a person just has to be strong and accept that their reality is not going to conform to the norm.

Before you compose an email to me you should know that I am not going to help you any more than I already am right now. I wrote this article to give you all the advice I have. It is my very best advice. I am not going to let you fly me to your city to deal with a ghost. I am not going to let you drive the possessed individual to me. This is your quest, and if it leads to them being institutionalized. I’m sorry but it is for the best. At least they won’t be able to hurt themselves as easily.

Remember, a good Magic user is a practical Magic user. Seek every solution, not just the magical solution. Try the mundane way first; it works for billions of other human beings.

Remember that real Magic comes in many forms. Sometimes the magical solution comes through apparently mundane means such as a client getting your number from a friend who happened to be ease dropping on a conversation and thereby leads to you wisely mentioning that they should the couch or the car for the keys. Use the techniques that work for you and just let Magic be.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for 4/17

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

18: Repairing What is Spoiled

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Hexagram 18

General Meaning: Something is starting to rot and it is time to repair the damage. In the world of human affairs, indulgence and corruption grow like weeds in an untended garden; they must be faced squarely, and rooted out through bold action. Eliminating corruption — and the sloppiness that leads to it — is one of the most ennobling of all human enterprises. Correction of flaws in the system clears the way for fresh, new beginnings.

The time has come to become lean and efficient. The weeds must be rooted out now, before the garden is overwhelmed. Fighting decay, sloppiness and corrupt agendas is not a simple matter; all steps must be evaluated carefully. Planning must precede action. Resist the temptation to strike out prematurely. Gather strength behind you, and summon your inner resources, because arresting decay is no simple task. When you do act, make your strike as precise and clean as the path of the surgeon’s knife

Your Daily Number for April 17: 1

Your Daily Number: 1

Today is hectic, and it may be necessary for you to make quick decisions and put your leadership skills into action. Your senses are alert. Sounds, colors, and texture are strongly experienced.

Fast Facts

About the Number 1

Theme: Masculine, Creative, Independent, Aggressive
Astro Association: Mercury
Tarot Association: Magician

Today’s Tarot Card for 4/17

Today’s Tarot Card for Everyone:

The Lovers

This Tarot Deck: African Tarot

General Meaning: Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally the Lovers card of Tarot reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries.

Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures.

Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the Fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice — the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship — instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort.

Daily Horoscopes for 4/17


General Daily Horoscope


A free-floating tension permeates relationships today as the Full Moon in diplomatic Libra at 10:43 pm EDT reflects the self-centered Aries Sun. We are challenged to balance our personal desires with the needs of those we love. However, we may try to avoid reason with so many planets moving through impulsive Aries. Nevertheless, stern Saturn in Libra weighs down our thoughts and requires us to take others seriously if we want to be happy.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The logical Libra Full Moon acts like a mirror today, allowing you to perceive yourself more clearly. But it’s hard to describe what you see, for Mercury the Communicator is still retrograde in your sign, muddling the meaning of what you say. Thankfully, your persistence should pay off. Don’t fret if your message isn’t getting through now. Instead, take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and then try again.



Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

You want all the details of the day to fall in place and flow smoothly, yet something seems a bit off. Even if you understand that it may be wise to keep your discomfort to yourself, you also worry that the opportunity for improvement could fade if you don’t speak up right now. Nevertheless, it’s smarter to smile and save your words for another day when others will be more receptive to your feedback.


Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You don’t want to stir up any trouble today, especially if your shenanigans could lessen your opportunities for pleasure. The Full Moon in your 5th House of Play enables you to get away with mischief because your friends will enjoy being around you even more than usual now. But don’t overplay your hand or they will see through your charm and might be annoyed that you are avoiding the real issues. Rather than simply seeking a good time, balance your lighthearted spirit with a more serious approach to life.



Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

Today’s strategic Libra Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family triggers familiar issues about lingering insecurities. You might choose to distract your attention from a vulnerable spot by starting a new project around the house. You could even be so effective with this tactic that you alleviate the tension for a while. But you cannot escape completely and the sooner you face your emotions, the sooner everyone will begin to feel better.


Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You are motivated by your need to know what’s going on with a friend today. Simultaneously, you may become so preoccupied with an impractical idea that it can turn into an obsession. However, your desire for a bit of adventure may leave you little time to get involved with someone else’s drama. Try to relate what you are now learning about yourself to the goals you are attempting to reach.


Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Money issues are emphasized now as today’s Libra Full Moon highlights your 2nd House of Finances. You may try to balance your current desires with your available funds and discover you’re not in any position to buy something you don’t really need. You could also realize that your old values are out of sync with what you want to do now. There’s no hurry, so step slowly into your future. If you move at your own pace, you can regain fiscal integrity sooner than you think.



Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Getting along nicely with others is more difficult than usual today because the pleasure-seeking Libra Full Moon activates several combative Aries planets. It might be more enjoyable if there was someone special with whom you could share your experience. However, you may not have the patience to cultivate open communication. Don’t lose hope; you could be in for a sweet surprise when you least expect it.



Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Today’s gentle Libra Full Moon adds an emotional charge to your 12th House of Imagination, yet can also prevent you from reaching satisfaction. You might be very certain about the intimacy you are currently seeking, but the opportunity seems to dissipate upon closer analysis. Don’t force any decisions prematurely. If you take the time to talk about what you want, the right person may be eager to follow your lead.


Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You might place such inflated expectations on your friends today that you just assume they will come through for you. Although they might actually meet your high standards, the Full Moon in your 11th House of Groups is opposite the Sun in your 5th House of Creativity, enabling you to have more fun now when you actively pursue your own self-interests. Concentrate on expressing yourself instead of worrying about others.



Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You know what you must do today in order to come through for those who depend on you. You can focus your mind on whatever must happen to make your dreams come true. Tread lightly; if you get overly cocky, your current little scheme could backfire and leave you with a messy situation. Your best contribution now is your honest commitment to be as present as possible when interacting with others.


Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You may enjoy imagining how you will live in the future, but your daydreaming might be distracting to others. However, today’s balancing Libra Full Moon in your 9th House of Adventure reminds you to keep a foot in the future while stabilizing the other one in the here and now. Widening your perspective enables you to maintain your unflagging vision for a better tomorrow while avoiding unrealistic idealism in the process.


Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your current dilemma is striking a workable balance between simplicity and complexity. You may desire the creature comforts of being in a relationship, but you might not want to pay the emotional price. To avoid complications later on, consider the consequences of your unrestrained ambitions. Be smart and set aside some personal desires in the name of the higher cause of love.

Moon Signs In Everyday Life

Moon Signs In Everyday Life

Learn how to make the most of the Moon’s journey through the zodiac

by Emily Trinkaus

Changing signs every two and a quarter days, the Moon is the fastest-moving astrological “planet.” The Moon represents our emotions, and as it travels through the zodiac, our moods follow. We feel best and operate most effectively when we’re cooperating with the energy of the Moon, as indicated by its sign.

Monthly Power Times

Pay special attention to when the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun sign — these few days of each month are your power times! The tides are flowing in your direction, so you’ll feel more confident and energized, and people are more likely to respond to you positively. So, if you’re planning to invite someone special out on a date, ask for a raise, go on a job interview, or any other task requiring self-assertion and risk-taking, these are the days to go for it.

On the flip side, when the Moon is in the sign opposite to your Sun sign, keep a low profile. (If you’re not sure which sign is opposite, just count six signs away from yours.) Catch up on rest, and do for others rather than expecting things to go your way. Plan accordingly — this is not the time to push it and try to get ahead.

Follow the Signs

Discover below how to make the most of the Moon’s visit to each sign of the zodiac. .

Aries Moon

Get physical! The first sign of the zodiac calls for action and movement. Go for a run or hike, dance, work out at the gym or find some other way to let off steam. Tempers can rise under this fiery Moon, so find healthy outlets for expression — physical and/or creative. This Moon can light a fire under you to start putting your ideas into action, so take a risk in the direction of your desires.

Taurus Moon
Slow down and take time to nurture your body and the planet. This sensual and earthy sign invites you to appreciate the physical world and the realm of the senses. Walk through the woods, work in the garden, get a massage or facial, and play soothing music. This tends to be a mellow, restful and reflective Moon — a time to practice simply being.
Gemini Moon
Call your friends, catch up on emails and chat with the neighbors while the Moon visits the airy sign of the Messenger. Your mind is especially active, even hyper-active, so give it something to chew on. This is an ideal time for taking (or teaching) a class, learning something new and exploring multiple perspectives. Follow your curiosity and keep an open mind.

Cancer Moon
Curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea during this homebody Moon. As a sensitive water sign, the Crab calls for tuning into your inner world. When you give yourself permission to feel and express your emotions, you’re more likely to avoid the down side of this Moon — crabbiness. Cook a nourishing meal, perhaps inviting a close friend or family member for dinner.
Leo Moon
This fiery Moon wants to play and celebrate. Let your inner child take the lead and do something spontaneous that serves no purpose beyond having fun. The Lion rules the heart, inspiring romance and passion — an ideal time for getting decked out in your most glamorous attire and hitting the town. Creative energy abounds — express yourself!

Virgo Moon

Attend to the nitty gritty details of daily life when the Moon enters the sign of service. Catching up on household chores, organizing the closet, balancing your checkbook — these mundane tasks might sound like a bore but you feel oh so much better when you stop procrastinating and get the job done. People tend to be more critical and fault-finding than usual, so pay attention to the little things.

Libra Moon
The Moon in the sign of the Scales brings attention to what’s out of balance, inviting you to create more harmony in your relationships, environment and inner world. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and the arts. Enhance your appearance with a new hair style or clothes, and plan to socialize. Cultural events and creative activities are especially recommended.

Scorpio Moon
Invite your inner witch or wizard to come out of hiding during this magical Moon, a prime time for casting spells and performing rituals. You’re more tuned into both the invisible realm and the dark side now — including shadowy emotions that require an outlet. Share your deepest feelings with someone you trust. This is not a time to party hearty with the crowds — plan an intimate date instead.

Sagittarius Moon
When the Moon visits the sign of the Archer, you’re ready for adventure, exploration and expansion. These days are perfect for travel — if you can’t take a trip in the physical world, broaden your intellectual and spiritual horizons by attending a lecture or workshop. Restlessness is common, as your mental arrows shoot out in multiple directions — plan for lots of activity, movement and socializing.

Capricorn Moon
Now is the optimal time to accomplish any ambitious project requiring hard work, perseverance and pragmatism. For best results, mimic the Mountain Goat — move slowly, cautiously and deliberately as you reach for the top. Don’t let the heaviness and somber tone of this Moon get you down — if you stay focused on your plans and goals, you feel energized and productive.
Aquarius Moon
You’re in the mood for networking, connecting with friends and all group activities when the Moon calls on community-minded Aquarius. Your intuition is heightened, inviting flashes of insight that help you to see your life from a higher perspective. If you’re feeling stuck, this revolutionary Moon wants to liberate you from old ways of thinking and inspire you to make changes that enhance your sense of freedom.

Pisces Moon
During this sensitive and squishy Moon, retreat, rest and reflection are recommended. Your dreams are more active than usual, so pay attention — they may have important information for you. The sign of the Fish activates your imagination and fantasies, offering an ideal opportunity for creative expression, especially music, dance, painting and poetry.