Daily Crystal: Aveturine (green and red)

Red Aventurine enhances creativity and motivation. It also is a stone of prosperity. Red Aventurine can help to diffuse negativity and balance the male-female energies. When you are feeling defeated and hopeless, hold a piece of Red Aventurine-it is a stone of encouragement, helping to open our eyes and minds to new alternatives and possibilities.

Red Aventurine helps to balance blood pressure. When used as an elixir, it can aid in skin problems and subsequent treatment. Red Aventurine is a genital and reproductive healer, many times assisting in reversal of diseased states in these areas.

Primary Chakra: Root
Astrological sign(s): Aries
Vibration: Number 3

Mineral Family: Silicates
Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 7
Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide many times with inclusions of Mica, Hematite, etc.

Color: White, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Peach
Location: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Tibet
Rarity: Common





Green Aventurine is a gentle supporting and comforting stone. It is a good all round healer and can calm anger and irritation while stimulating emotional recovery. Green Aventurine can reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness and can help us to see alternatives and possibilities, gently encouraging us to persevere. It is a good stone for those pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Green Aventurine can reduce anxiety and fears and can be soothing and calming for claustrophobia.

Green Aventurine is one of the best overall balancing stones for the Heart Chakra because it acts gently without causing any turbulence.


Aventurine, Green:
Key Words: Healing, Vitality, Prosperity
Chakra: Heart(4th)
Element: Earth, Water
Glossy, opaque stone with a rich inner glow. Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, especially useful for anyone wanting to increase the flow of abundance into their life. Place this stone on a dollar bill and place it in the prosperity corner of your house (according to your Feng Shui Bagua Chart). Green Aventurine is also a healing stone for physical ailments. If your health is not optimal wear the stone on a daily basis. Take a bath and place the stone in your bath water to restore vitality and health to people who’s energy has faded.
Key Words: Creativity, Sexual Abundance, Strength
Chakra: Root(1st), Sacral(2nd)
Element: Earth, Fire
Semi-translucent orange/brown color. Red Aventurine is a stone creativity, creation, and healthy sexuality. Wear this stone if you are an artist or want to be one. It will bring out your creative fires. It is also a stone of increasing diminished sexual appetites. If you, or someone close to you, hasn’t been sexually energized lately, bring the stone into the bedroom. It can be placed under the pillow, on a night stand or better yet, five stones underneath the bed. One at each of the four corners and one in the middle. It will revitalize the spark of healthy, creative sexuality in your life

‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’
The Universal Heart Center

Herb of the Day: Caper (Capparis Spinosa)

Herb of the Day: Caper (Capparis Spinosa)
Folk Names: Fakouha, Lasafa, Shafallah
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Potency, Lust, Love
Magickal Uses: A man who suffers from impotency has but to eat some capers and he will be cured. The caper is also used in love and lust formula.
Posted By: Lady Becky
‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’
The Universal Heart Center

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for 2/28

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

22: Grace and Beauty

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Hexagram 22

General Meaning: A splashy sunset bathes the mountains in a soft radiance; the light of a full moon dances on the surface of a rippling river. Grace and beauty adorn the natural world. Grace is not an all-powerful force, nor is it the essential or fundamental thing. By itself, it is form without content. Grace is moonlight on water, not the sunlight at noon. Yet grace brings artistic expression into the world, and enhances the quality of our lives.

In the arts, grace arises out of adherence to form: the dancer becoming the form of the dance, the musician giving life to the form of a musical score, the painter becoming one with the brush and canvas. In human affairs, grace is also aligned with form — with mastery of aesthetic and cultural patterns honed by time and honored by tradition. Through appreciation of graceful customs in human relationships we apprehend the pure beauty of the ideal, of life raised above the mere struggle for survival.

Possession of grace, like the bearing of a beautiful gift to a wedding, can add stature to those in humble positions. Take care to lend grace and dignity even to small happenings, while giving the weight of deep and careful consideration to matters of greater consequence. Though it should not be confused with true substance, an artistic flair can take one far in this world.

Today’s Tarot Card for 2/28

Today’s Tarot Card for Everyone:


This Tarot Deck: Medieval Cat

General Meaning: What has traditionally been known as the Judgement card, sometimes entitled Resurrection, represents the great reunion that the ancients believed would happen once in every age. This was the time when souls are harvested and taken Home to their place of origin, outside the solar system. Then the World is seeded with a batch of new souls and the process starts over.

From a modern point of view, this great reunion — which includes every personality that you have ever been and every soul that you have done deep work with — reunites to consciously complete the process. In a way, we symbolically celebrate this returning to center every year on our birthday.

In personal terms, the Judgment cards points to freedom from inner conflicts, and so clear a channel, that the buried talents and gifts of past incarnations can come through an individual in this lifetime. This card counsels you to trust the process of opening yourself, because what emerges is of consistently high quality. You can effortlessly manifest as a multi-dimensional being, and assist in evoking that response from others.

Daily Horoscopes for 2/28


General Daily Horoscope


The ambitious Capricorn Moon prompts us to become even more determined today if we run into obstacles while pursuing our goals. Unfortunately, a setback is likely when the Moon forms an anxious semisquare with the Sun and Mercury. Thankfully, the Moon’s conjunction with enriching Venus indicates that hard work will be rewarded. We must be persistent when solving problems now, for the Sun’s intelligent quintile to karmic Saturn rewards creativity.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You may be annoyed that circumstances aren’t cooperating with you today, requiring you to manage an unexpected situation. Although you won’t necessarily mind a surprise or two, you aren’t ready to surrender. Intuitively, you know that progress can elude measurement. The real gains you make now come from a change in your attitude, so establish a steady pace you can maintain all day without worrying about the final product.


Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

You may feel as if you are running around today without getting much done. Fortunately, you can accomplish more than you expect as long as you don’t get lazy and slow down. You can make significant progress while still enjoying yourself, but you must be willing to work hard. The key to success now is about establishing priorities, so make a list of your goals before you get started.


Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You might expect the hectic pace of your life to settle down now, but instead you seem to face one problem after another. Even if your day runs smoothly, your curiosity drives you to search for answers to a whole list of questions. Instead of scattering your attention, get back to the basics and focus on the most practical issues in your life. Methodically tying up loose ends today will go a long way toward preventing them from unraveling later on.


Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

Usually, you don’t like it when someone else makes a decision for you, but now it might come as a relief. Take your cues from a trusted friend or associate today, since others will likely steer you in the right direction. Be careful, though, about relying on your own instincts, for your unfulfilled desires could negatively influence your ability to choose wisely. However, receiving sound advice doesn’t lessen your responsibility; ultimately, it’s up to you to make the final choice.


Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You don’t like being tied to a predetermined course of action, but you’re clever enough to see when something is for your own good. You may need to swallow your feelings and just plod ahead with your job, especially if you don’t want to be seen as a person who doesn’t follow through on a promise. Get to work; there’s no time to waste now. Actions speak louder than words.

Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Everyone is looking to you now because your pragmatic outlook is exactly what is needed today. It may seem like others are coming to you for assistance because they’re trying to make up for lost time. It doesn’t matter that you might be ready to slow down a bit; you’ll probably end up helping your friends, anyway. Don’t just do what’s expected of you because you think you should. Act from the heart or don’t do it at all.


Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Family responsibilities continue to interfere with your work now, but you can handle it if you are careful about time management. You know that what you’re doing is important, so you won’t likely quit before you are truly finished. Remember, approval from others isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be; instead follow your conscience. There’s no stopping you if your actions are aligned with your heart.


Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Setting a steady pace allows you to accomplish a lot more than you ever thought possible. But don’t commit to more than you can deliver, for the pressure you place on yourself won’t be productive. Your ability to be realistic is more crucial than almost anything else now. Thankfully, your honest reaction is something you can give others without a lot of extra effort on your part.


Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You are feeling quite stable today, even in the face of uncertainty. Your determination to finish a job — and do it well — may win the admiration of your workmates. But don’t lose any sleep over trying to come up with a spectacular idea. Your smartest strategy now is to stick to the nuts and bolts until your work is done.


Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Although you can often be the champion of responsibility, your current mindset enables you to blend your competence with a disarming emotional vulnerability. Fortunately, the Moon’s visit to your 1st House of Personality allows you to present a softer side without sacrificing reliability. Even if you want to maintain your air of authority, you will be happier if you listen to your heart.


Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You may not understand your feelings today, but this doesn’t mean that you should try to bury them. Although you are capable of keeping your personal issues to yourself, denying them isn’t a healthy strategy. Be wise and consider what is most appropriate at work before reacting impulsively. It’s always a good idea to be more aware of your emotions before responding in any complex situation.


Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may be called upon to help someone clean up an emotional mess today, especially if you were involved in creating the drama. A recent statement might have offended someone, so take the time to smooth over any feelings that were inadvertently wounded. Set a good example for others to follow by speaking your mind while also remaining kind and compassionate.

the daily humorscope for 2/28

Monday, February 28, 2011

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
If you’ve been wanting to become a religious leader, today is the day to get cracking on it. Otherwise, probably an uneventful day.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You’ve heard that when economists use the word “nice”, they’re actually saying that something is homoscedastic and nonautoregressive. Today you will find out what they mean when they say something is “like, totally kewl.”
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Beware of bubonic plague today. Other than that, things will be fairly normal.
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You will be granted a religious experience of startling significance, similar in some respects to the accounts of statues of the Virgin Mary weeping. In this case, however, she will sneeze.
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Excellent time to do some personal reengineering. I mean, face it – your mother simply wasn’t much of an engineer…
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
After today the following expression will no longer strike you as being in the least bit amusing: “Friends help friends move. Real friends help friends move bodies.”
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Nobody will notice your new haircut, which you will find intensely irritating. It’s not as if you always had an iridescent green mohawk, you know?
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Good day to bring an asparagus sandwich and a nice thermos of Cream-of-Meatloaf Soup for lunch.
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Beware of strangers bearing Cheez Whiz.
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
You will finally get the television exposure you’ve been wanting, by organizing a group of protesters to block the entrance to a physics lab, holding crudely-lettered signs saying “Down With Gravity!”.
Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
As a joke, you will send off a resume for your dog to a company which wants to hire an extrusion manager. Surprisingly, he will not only get the job, but will earn more than you.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Good day to put strange labels on your binders and file cabinets, such as “launch codes”, “who’s been naughty”, or “Snerge”. This will be quite effective in distracting visitors, so they will often forget what ever they were preparing to bother you about.


Meditation Thought for 2/28

Monday 28 February 2011

Self-realization is not the end
nor the achievement of a spiritual path,
but the disappearance of ego, of struggle,
of search and of creating problems.
This is the beginning of a journey
in simplicity, peace,
infinity and wonder.