November 9 – Daily Feast

November 9 – Daily Feast

The land has taken on the look of Thanksgiving time, of fallen acorns and pecans and walnuts. Now we see the bare branches of oaks like muscled arms lifted toward the sky, and fragrant smoke settles in the valley and hangs like gauzy curtains along the river. Southbound geese, called by the Cherokee as as-u in go di, still put down in the open fields to feed, to flap their huge wings, and to honk. They are not the least startled by passersby. It was a time like this when Wolf George came to my grandmother’s bearing a beautiful turkey for dinner. E li is said, “A fine turkey, good tasting. Did you raise it?” In his gruff full-blood tones he told the truth as he saw it, “No ma’am. Saw it roosting. Got it before someone stole it.”

~ If any white man steal our stock, I will report it openly. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Calendar of the Sun for November 8th

Calendar of the Sun

8 Blutmonath

Feast of the Kitchen God/dess

Colors: Red and blue
Element: Fire
Altar: On this day the altar is built in the kitchen, on the center of the main table. All activity of the day centers around the kitchen. Crowning the pile should be the paper portrait of the Kitchen Goddess. Decorate the altar with dishes of food, glasses of drink, and copper pots. Use the best china. The portrait of the next kitchen goddess should be hidden under someone’s clothing, rolled up and waiting.
Offerings: The entire kitchen should be cleaned thoroughly. Afterwards, the kitchen should be cleaned again. A pot of honey should be placed nearby.
Daily Meal: Enough food should be made and laid out to feed the entire community for the lunch and dinner period, and outsiders should be invited in to share it if possible. The food should be lavish and elaborate and aesthetically prepared.

Invocation to the Kitchen Goddess

Lady who watches over
The heart of our home,
Lady who fills our bellies
And who observes all our faults,
Today we send you to heaven
On a curl of smoke from your hearth.
We ask you, be generous,
And speak well of our efforts.
When you speak of our faults,
Have compassion on our humanity
Lady who guides our hands,
Send us pots that do not burn,
And enough love and peace
To infuse every morsel
Of nourishment that we here consume.

(Each person present should step forward, dip their finger in the honey, and touch it to her picture, asking her aloud or silently to forgive them for whatever pettiness occurred in the kitchen that year, be it actions or thoughts. Then she is taken to the hearth and burned in the flame, while everyone present claps and chants rhythmically. After that, lunch is eaten, and then a new Kitchen Goddess is installed in her place.)

Chant: Fire of the hearth, Fire of the wine,
Fire of the heart, Fire of the mind,
Fire of the Art, Fire out of time.


[Pagan Book of Hours]




Magickal Uses:  Grown around the home, fennel confers protection. Wearing a piece of fennel in the left shoe will prevent wood ticks from biting your legs. Fennel is also hung up at windows and doors to ward off evil spirits, and the seeds can be carried for the same reason.

Fennel is used in purification sachets, as well as in healing mixtures.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 12 – Pecan Pie Day?

How could you not love today’s sweet and sticky vibe on an entire day devoted to that southern staple — pecan pie. But why stop at the gooiness of pie when you can also have pecan cake or pralines, pecan butter or ice cream? You could also soon see some extra cash, since pecans are considered to be a magically delicious food that can bring a boost to your bottom line. Pecans are also said to help you keep your job. To ensure your employment, shell a handful of pecans and eat them slowly, all the while visualizing a new you who is gainfully and happily employed. Take the shells, wrap them in a small bag and put them somewhere at work where they won’t be noticed or removed. This is a mystical and tasty way to make sure that you won’t be removed either.

By Ellen Whitehurst for