Am I a Witch? All the Telltale Signs

Am I a Witch? All the Telltale Signs

Am I a Witch? Well this is a very tricky and difficult question. What defines a ‘natural witch’ from a ‘self-taught witch’ or a believer of magic? To answer all this we have to go way back and define the essence of the Witches.

Lore and the Arcane Truth

There are so many things surrounding the lore, the reality and the legends regarding the Witches. Sometimes information is deliberately insufficient only because witches have always tried to scare the naive, from messing with their stuff. Only the wise, the brave and the righteous ones were allowed to learn the Craft. Why because with Great Power comes great responsibility! For example when Magical Recipes demanded the ‘five fingers‘ they certainly didn’t mean to cut off the fingers of a living human. They just demanded cinquefoil, a powerful Mercurial herb used for Healing and Money.

What is a Witch?

Let’s be clear. When we talk about Witches we are using a genderless term. Witches can be both males and females. Historically, this term has been used to identify the person who uses the Arcane Arts. Moreover, it has been used to falsely accuse women for ‘devil worshipping’ or ‘followers of the pagan gods’.

Am I a Witch?

So… Let’s see the most important traits.

1. Have You heard the ‘Calling’ ?

This is probably the most important of all the Signs. Once you’ve heard it, it’s impossible to un-hear it. Although you can always turn your back at your true nature and stick with the material Realm, you will always know who you are and who you are meant to be.

The ‘Calling’ is a revelation, a moment of extreme spiritual clarity when you somehow realise your are a Witch and get a glimpse of your true Magical Nature. This usually happens by accident, during times of intense anxiety, desperate need for help, sadness or troubles. However, the Calling may be heard in a very young age or when the ‘time is right’. Sometimes it’s a vision, a sure feeling that you are magical, or a dream or someone who enters your life unexpectedly revealing to you the truth. Other times, it’s an actual magical experience, when supernatural phenomena occur, or even an interaction with spirits of nature or ghosts or maybe deities.

There are many witches who actually plan to hear ‘the calling’ during their next lives by arranging the proper circumstances. Of course this is rarely the case as this kind of spell demand advanced levels of Magical Power.

So have you heard the calling? Good! Let’s proceed!

2. Do you feel Connected with Nature?

The relationship between you and Nature can easily tell how magical you are. Although there are other sources of Magic, Nature is the most common one. So let’s see if you are familiar with these traits, commonly attributed to ‘Natural Born Witches’ :

  • You feel the Energy Shift inside you as the Seasons change.
  • Moon Cycle affects you.
  • Also, you feel connected to the Woods, the herbs and the trees.
  • Natural phenomena like strong winds, rain, thunderstorms charge you and raise your energy and awareness.
  • There is something about you that wants to be around with animals all the time.
  • Likewise, animals are attracted to you.
  • Since you remember yourself, you loved crystals!

3. Do you have Dreams, Memories or Visions of being a Witch?

Well, this may explain a lot. Unfortunately, many Witches suffer from the suppression of their Witchiness due to the ‘demonisation’ of the term. As we’ve all know, a Witch can be a synonym of an evil and envious person who uses his/her power to manipulate and abuse others.

However, most Witches are actually Empaths who suffer a lot when others hurt. Therefore they suppress their magical nature, denying it strongly for months, years or even their whole lives. However, there are times, when they are relaxed, or asleep, when vision and images of Witchcraft and spellcasting pop up to their minds.

This can also be memories from their early childhood, when you were ‘practicing’ your magic with an innocent mind and heart, before the essence of magic gets corrupted by the ‘system’.

4. Do you Think ‘out of the box’?

Do you despise those who censor your Thoughts? Witches are untamed creatures who love Wisdom and dare to reach for it. If you continuously find yourself doubting ‘the truth’ or the ‘religious teachings’ while you realise there is some truth in them, then this is a Witchy Traits. Witches don’t hate religion, as they believe in the existence of Higher entities. Yet they do like to think for themselves.

One of the great saying of Witchcraft is ‘to dare, to do and to keep silent’. The first two part of this saying mirrors the essence of a true, untamed, uncensored witch! One whose spirit is stronger than shallow teaching and hypocrisy.

5. Do you feel your Thoughts, your Emotions and your Words have power?

Most Witches know deep inside that their emotions and what they say actually shape reality. It’s funny as the first time they realise it is when they lie about something, and then suddenly it becomes true. For example, have you lied to your boss of being sick just to get a day-off, and after a while you indeed raise fever or something?

Witches influence and alter reality as they speak or they feel. And this exactly what defines them from all others. Thy might don’t even believe they have this ability but they discover it as they grow older. Of course, it needs practicing in order to learn how to focus this energy and not get drained.

6. Do you Collect Unusual Items?

One of the most ‘weird’ traits of witches is that they’ve always collect things that others think as trash. For example, seashore pebbles, or feathers or shells washed out from the ocean. Witches somehow sense the energy that surrounds these items and instinctively pick them up. Therefore, in most houses of Witches, you can see collections of these Weird items, which are usually considered absurd or useless by their visitors.

7. Do you frequently Observe Synchronicities?

As we’ve talked before about synchronicities, this is a very clear sign that something magical or spiritual is at work. It’s the language of the Universe. How the Spiritworldaffects our Realm. You see repeating numbers, or maybe you repeatedly see animals who act as spiritual messengers. The list is endless. However, in most cases these patterns are acknowledgeable solely from the Witch as the message usually intends to have one receptor.

Defining the Untamed nature.

Although we’ve seen some of the most common traits of Witches, there are many different kinds of witches and there are definitely many different traits. However, Being a Witch is most commonly something we strongly believe and follow. Because it’s not the ‘omens’ that make us witches. It’s our Fiery Passion for Magic!

There are many ways to define how good you are in each types of Magic. One is astrology. You Zodiac sign can say many things about you especially when it comes to what you like and how your personality is prone to certain types of magic. Types of Witches can be categorized according to their Zodiac Signs as the Sun’s position in the Natal Chart shows the energy of the newborn child.

The Zodiac Circle and Types of Witches

On the other hand I would also advice you to search for the Zodiac Sign your natal Moon is placed in order to get a more personalised view on how Astrology can define the source of all your magic.

Aries: Blood Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Aries are blessed with the ability to cast powerful Candle Magic spells and tame the currents of energy. They don’t need much to empower their magic, just their fiery passion!

This comes from the fact the the first sign of the Zodiac is when Fire gets its power back. The Sun enters the Spring Equinox and nature is reborn. In their blood, waves of energy is ready to ignite their passions. If you are an Aries try this! Read all about colour correspondences of Candles and cast a simple Candle magic spell tonight! Come on!

Witches born under the sign of Taurus are very well attuned with the power of Earth and Nature. They gladly explore and exploit the powers of Herbs and most importantly the powers of their sexuality.

The first of the Earth Signs hide all the power of Nature in them. They’ve got this magnificent ability to make everything fertile, like flowers blooming. This is the real Elf power. Bringing the Life of Nature everywhere around them. If you are a Taurus try this. Search here for you favourite crystal which meets your needs and charge it with your passion!

Zodiac Signs and types of Witches

Gemini: Energy Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Gemini have a natural ability to sense changes in energy levels around them. They got extremely sensitive intuition and they can easily send & receive energy to past, present and future.

From all the Types of Witches they are the ones with the most versatile nature. Energy is like the wind and it always changes direction. Like their mood swings they can turn up-side-down of all energy. They can transmute negative to positive energy and vice versa depending on their emotional background. Their adventurous nature make them great in manipulating astral energy. If you are a Gemini try this.

Cancer: Kitchen Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Cancer are prone to work their magic indoors by harnessing the energy provided by home supplies like food and remedies. Cancers are typical kitchen witches always brewing their potions with lost of love and affection.

As we already saw the stomach of the Cancers are really sensitive as it is the part of the body which dilutes and transmutes energy – just like the kitchen. They have the amazing ability to give their lunar blessings to everything they want and touch. The Tides of the moon enchant their potions and their spells. If you are a Cancer try this.

Leo: Enchanter Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Leo have a natural ability to catch the attention of others making them extremely talented illusionists. They can easily hypnotise people / animals and charm them.

From all the Types of Witches, Leo is blessed by the Sun. The Sun is their governor and as the planets move around the Sun so do people around Leos. They got this amazing ability to attract what they want – providing they focus their energy. If you are a Leo try this.

Virgo: Hermit Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Virgo have are extremely potent in magical practice as long as they can remain focused. They tend to re-invent their magical self in the silence of Nature, whether this is the Green Woods or the peaceful Emerald Seas.

Virgo – as the name implies – the Virgin / the Untouched, needs time for themselves. From all the Types of Witches, they are the ones who need to find a way to explore the richness of their powers by their own. Only when alone they find their true potential

Once they do they can get back to being awesome in their social circles. If you are a Virgo try this. Grounding can help them banish negativity. Go somewhere you feel secure and lonely (preferably in a Forest or near the Sea). Breathe for few minutes and cast a spell.

Libra: Music Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Libra are blessed with inspiration and are usually extremely talented in arts and crafts. Libra Witches can easily compose spells and even sing them empowering their magical vibes.

From all the Types of Witches, this is what defines them: art and inspiration. Of course they need balance and harmony in order to work their magic. To do so, the need to find a way to center themselves. Only bey this way they will learn how great they are. If you are a Libra try this. Compose tonight a simple spell and cast it with music of your own!

Scorpio: Nocturnal Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Scorpio feel inspired and “enlightened” during the midnight hours, when silence prevails and darkness asserts its dominance. Do not confuse darkness with evil. Scorpios are just great perceiving what’s hidden.

What is hidden and secret ignites their curiosity and wakes up their powerful instincts. They have this amazing ability to scratch the surface in order to find what’s hidden underneath. This is how they learn so many things. From all the Types of Witches astrology defines them as the Wisest of the Zodiac. They may fear but they try to push fear behind. If you are a Scorpio try this. In the Midnight, go outside in a safe and lonely place. Look up the skies and talk to the night about your desire!

Sagittarius: Thunder Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Sagittarius are the children of Zeus / Jupiter / Thor, the God of Thunder. They have a great ability to direct a very “thick” and focused current of energy towards whatever they desire. They are wise and fair and they can cast really powerful magic.

From all the Types of Witches, Thunder Witch is the one who can push further and break the chains throughout wisdom and optimism. Where thunder strikes everything is possible. If you are a Sagittarius try this. Focus on your hands and think and re-think your desire over and over again. When you feel ready express your desire like a thunder bursting from you hands towards your target. Here you will find how to direct energy.

Capricorn: Green Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Capricorn are the ones who can equally easily assert their magical dominance both in Nature and in Urban Territory at the same time. They can tap into nature’s power and direct them in their career and everyday life.

Saturn the so called “Planet of Witches” governs Capricorn giving them the ability to command elemental forces with love and discipline.  If you are a Capricorn try this. Go out for a long walk and search for that “special tree” you feel connected with. Embrace the tree and become one with it and once you are ready send some magical energy to the future in your career / shop or wherever you work. Here you can learn more about grounding!

Aquarius: Star Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Aquarius are very well attuned with the orbs of the planets and stars. Once they look up in the night sky they just know that they are a part of something greater and although they know a little about it they can successfully direct star energy into this World.

The Stars is like a giant web where they a part of it. By looking at the stars, Aquarius knows and feels s/he is never alone. All are connected. Past, Present and Future. Thus, everything is possible. If you are an Aquarius try this. During the night, got out and talk to the stars about your desires!

Pisces: Fairy Witch.

Witches born under the sign of Pisces can easily meddle with the Fairy World and transcend the Physical plane. Those sweet Witches can easily invite fairies in their lives and establish a firm and fruitful connection with the spirit of nature.

From all the Types of Witches, a Fairy Witch is the one who live in this world but definitely belongs to another one. Not a single Pisces actually feels 100% ok with the material world. They all know deep inside that they are missing the greater truth. Thus from a really young age are trying to visualise and locate the world they really fit in. If you are a Pisces try this. Plant some Foxglove near your house and every morning invite the spirit of nature to come and live.





Insofar as The Craft Of The Wise is the most ancient and most honourable creed of humankind, it behoves all who would be witches to act in ways that give respect to the Old Gods and Goddesses, to their brothers and sisters of The Craft, and to themselves

Chivalry is a high code of honour, which is of most ancient Pagan origin and must be lived by all who follow the Old Ways.

Know well that thoughts and intent put forth will wax strong on many planes of existence and return, bringing into creation that which has been sent forth. For this reason the adept must exercise discipline over his or her thoughts. Remember, ” as you sow, so shall you harvest”

It is only by preparing our minds to be as Gods that we may one day unite with the Godhead.

“This above all … to thine own self be true…”

A witch’s word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed document. It is only by developing such mental discipline that great power may be controlled and directed

It is well to refrain from speaking ill of others for not all truths of the matter may be known

Pass not unverified words about another. For the most part hearsay is a thing of falsehoods

Be honest with others. Have them know that honesty is likewise expected of them

The fury of the moment plays havoc with the truth. Strive always to keep your head

Harm not another. Think always of the consequences of your actions

Dignity, a gracious manner, and a good humour are much to be admired

As a witch you wield much power. Therefore exercise much discretion in its use

Courage and honour endure forever.

Offer friendship only to those worthy of it. To associate with younger souls will only pull you down

Those who follow the mysteries must be above reproach in the eyes of the world

Keep pride in thyself. Seek perfection in body and in mind



Adapted from The Wiccan Bardo by Paul Beyerl)




I must pursue my highest ideals

I must aspire to the highest of ethics

I must demand integrity of myself

I must always keep my word


I must cultivate self-discipline

I must LIVE the Hermetic Principle


I must seriously contemplate the ramifications of Reincarnation & Karma


I must respect the astral realms

I must approach ritual with reverence and care

I must respect ritual work as an act of love and beauty.


I must take sole responsibility for all the events and circumstances in my life, in the knowledge that I have created them all for my own development.

I must strive to cultivate a sense of humour and of humility.

I must avoid all negativity, firstly in my thinking and as a consequence, in my life.


I must live in harmony with the Earth Goddess – Gaia.

I must cultivate a global perspective.

I must serve my community, both locally and globally, being of help to all people.


I must be willing to defend my religion.

I must provide for the safe future of my ritual tools, should I be taken by death




Witchcraft seems like a particularly buzzy topic these days, with books, blogs, and more delivering ancient magic to a modern audience. But while stylized Tarot cards and light-catching crystals have their place, the shift from intrigued observer to practicing pagan can be a daunting one. So why not start the process by determining which brand of witchery resonates with you?

Read on to learn about five specialized takes on witchcraft—and where the variants came from.



A comic witch is a witch who uses planetary and celestial energy in their practice. They study and feel a personal and spiritual connection with not only the main planets in our solar system, but with asteroids, meteors, supernovas, stars, constellations, galaxies, and black holes. Cosmic witches pay particular attention to astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs—but that only gives us a picture of how the cosmic forces influence the individual. Cosmic witches are focused on how celestial energy influences the inner self, but also the world.

Cosmic witches have been around since the study of planets. According to the American Federation of Astrologers, the Babylonians are credited with the birth of astrology. They used their astrological charts to predict the “recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events.” Around 2000 B.C., Babylonian astrologers believed that the sun, moon, and the five known planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had yet to be discovered) all had distinct character traits (Mercury representing communication, Venus representing affection, and so on). Cosmic witches use these planetary traits to call upon their energy. For example, many witches choose to perform spells on a full moon because the full illumination can create an extra magical boost and enchantment—and the rock itself is said to align with emotions and the soul.

A present-day cosmic witch may not be using astrology to predict the weather, but rather to predict future events or influences. For example, it’s beneficial for a cosmic witch to know when Mercury is in retrograde, and in which sign, because it will allow them to determine where communication breakdowns will occur, and in what guise. If a cosmic which was planning to perform a love spell, their best chance of having it being successful during a new moon which corresponds with new beginnings and relationships.   




A divination witch uses their magic to try to predict the future, often employing a variety of tools—or one that resonates. There are so many mediums with which to connect into the magic of the world: think Tarot, oracle cards, a pendulum, the I Ching, palmistry, and tasseography, and more.

Divination and divination witches have existed in just about every time period in history. In ancient Greece, divination witches were known as Oracles, and it was believed that deities spoke through them. A famous oracle was high priestess Pythia—known as the Oracle of Delphi—who was thought to be the mouthpiece of the god, Apollo. Every culture has its own form of divination. In ancient China, the diviner would carve out their question onto an ox bone until it cracked, and then the cracks were analyzed.

Today, divination witches don’t claim to be the mouthpiece of the gods, instead using divination predict likely answers to simple queries like, “Am I on the right career path?” or “Does this relationship stand a chance?” And in true modern fashion, divination methods like Tarot can even be found on our phones.




A green witch works with magical properties found in the natural world. Their craft is based on respecting nature and all living things. Green witches focus on the magical correspondence of herbs, plants, and flowers. This incorporates herbalism, which is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes.

Herbalism is found in many cultures, but Chinese herbal medicine is one of the ancient variations still practiced today. Chinese herbology is based on the concepts of yin, yang, and Qi energy, where the herbs can either cool (yin) or stimulate (yang) certain parts of the body, the concept used for ritual and spiritual practices as well as medicinal. In parts of Africa, an herb known as purslane was used for purification during and after ritual ceremonies, while in some Scandinavian countries, clover was once used to ward off evils spirits and help develop psychic ability. In folk magic tradition, chamomile is said known to bring luck.

Today, green witches still take herbal magic very seriously, using essential oils and creating small physic gardens in their own apartment. Be aware that this is a learned art: it’s extremely important to know the health effects of the herbs you plan to use or ingest as well as the magical benefits.




A kitchen witch practices magic within their own home. Their magic is not based on any divine power or spiritual guidance, but that magic that can be found in the everyday routine. Their craft comes out while cooking, baking, and nesting while tapping into the power of their own intention.

Witchcraft and cooking have always gone hand-in-hand. During the late 15th and mid-18th century many of the 200,000 witches (mostly women) were tortured, hanged, or burned at the stake were accused of poisoning food. Even now, our classic image of a witch persists as a woman stirring her cauldron. There has always been a magical and ritualistic nature surrounding food. Like green witchcraft, kitchen witches use herbalism in their food-based magic—but kitchen witchery isn’t just about food. It can also be making a homemade offering to a deity, cleansing and protection your home, and so on.



A sea witch, also known as a water witch, works with the element water in order to tap into their magic. They feel a deep, powerful connection to the water—whether it is the ocean, sea, or lake. This powerful pull leads them to be more aware of their own mystical energies.

Sea witches have been found in many cultures throughout history. From the sea nymph Calypso of The Odyssey; Sycorax of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest; even Ursula in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. However, sea witches have a deeper history in mythology. In Norse mythology, sea witches were magical, malevolent feminine spirits who often took the form of mermaidsThese witches believed that their power and bond over the sea and tides was born of their worship for the moon. The triple goddess symbol holds particularly deep meaning for sea witches, as it represents the three phases of the monthly lunar cycle: waxing, full, and waning.

Along with praying to the moon, sea witches have had a long history with practicing dowsing, a method of divination for finding water, metals, even grave sites underground by using a Y-shaped stick made of hazel. Dowsing has been around since the Middle Ages, used frequently in Europe until its association with witchcraft caused the practice to be shunned; its legitimacy as a science is still up for debate. Contemporary sea witches may not be luring sailors to their deaths, but they are still incorporating water, weather, and the moon into their practices, finding their own magical connection with the sea.

What is your Witch Potential?

What is your Witch Potential?

Reincarnation is a basic tenet of Witchcraft. Those of us fortunate enough to belong to the Craft believe that successive lives are enjoyed under the same zodiac sign. But unlike other ideologies Witchcraft imposes no demands for increasing excellence – only that each life be lived to its fullest capabilities.

Most of us, despite centuries of indoctrination by the mechanized society, still have ties to the earth…some innate Witchcraft potential that can be developed.

Read the following questions and see how you react to them:

1. Have you always been intrigued by the occult?

2. Do you prefer night to day?

3. Does a storm stir in you an inexplicable sense of excitement?

4. Are you a sensualist?

5. Have you always felt different from most of those around you, set apart?

6. Do you instinctively respond to animals?

7. Are you comfortable alone?

8. Are you relatively indifferent to material possessions?

9. Have you had fleeting glimpses of former lives?

Should you find you can answer most of these questions in the affirmative your with potential is probably high and should be encouraged.

There is no church to join, no tribute to pay and no hierarchy to employ.You, and you alone, must concentrate on the development of your own other-consciousness. Go to nature and observe. Attune your inner-mechanism to the quiet pace of the seasons and the procession of the constellations across the sky. Go alone, or with that person closest to you. Watch the moon rise, walk in the forests. Feel the earth, drink the water, breathe the air…then light the sacred candles and begin the life you were meant to live.


(* The Witches’ Almanac Spring 1995 – Spring 1996 pg. 94 ** Originally
appeared in the first public edition of The Witches’ Almanac, 1971)