Today’s Feng Shui Tip for Nov. 18th – ‘Occult Day’

Today is ‘Occult Day,’ a time where old world beliefs meet empowered modern day lifestyles. This day can be considered quite mysterious and magical with energies that travel outside the realm of the natural world. So let’s get advice from Valerie Worth, a most revered alchemical author who tells us that in order to sweeten another’s disposition we should follow this age-old advice: ‘Thus turn his scorn to kindest love; Steal from him the left-hand glove; With shining sugar fill it full; And tie it that it may not spill, with satin ribbons, blue and green; Then when the deed may pass unseen, Hide it underneath his pillow; He shall sleep, and melt, and mellow.’ In other words, if you’re not seeing eye to eye with one of your nearest and dearest, take one of their left-hand gloves and fill it up with sugar, tie it shut with blue and green satin ribbons and then hide it under their pillow. This might be magic, but Feng Shui has an easier cure for this agenda. If you’re quarreling with someone, simply send your Guardian Angel to see their Watcher Angel. Ask your angel to send understanding, healing and forgiveness to the other and envision this meeting. Once you practice this visualization you will see your sweetie softening and the anxiety disappear. Either way, there’s much magic to be had here and this is the perfect day to perform it!

By Ellen Whitehurst for