Have a Super-Fantastic Weekend, Sweeties! Oh, one more thing….

Days of the Week Comments= It just hit me that you might be wondering why the site has the “Stop Censorship” Ribbon on it. It is part of yesterday, when I blacked out the blog. I told you why I had done it and then gave you a link to an article about what the blackout on the internet had accomplished. But like I said at the end, we just won a battle, not the war. The bill still has to do through the Senate and get rejected there before we can celebrate. The Senate is suppose to vote on the bill sometime between now and January 27th. So all the blogs that took part in the blackout, now have the ribbons on them. Maybe we will get lucky and the Senators will surf the net and see how many people are against them meddling in our business and kill the bill too. We can only hope. 


But I thought I would tell you real quick, why the ribbon was there. I didn’t want you to think they were trying to censor us, lol! 

Have a great weekend, dearies! 

Lady A 

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Did you know…

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest articles:

Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor ever to serve in the United States Congress

  • … that the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission is named for the only Holocaust survivor (pictured) ever to serve in the United States Congress?
  • … that 19th-century shipwright Thomas Morton invented the widely used patent slip because he couldn’t afford a dry dock?
  • … that the first settlers of Tell Halula brought fully domesticated forms of wheat, barley and flax from somewhere else, circa 7750 BC?
  • … that father and son Augustyn and Roman Träger were Polish intelligence agents who provided the Allies with crucial information about German testing of the V-1 and V-2 rockets during World War II?
  • … that Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler wrote the script for the episode “The Fight“, the filming for which she called “the most fun I’ve ever had”?
  • … that Tom Sullivan is only the second head coach in UMBC Retrievers men’s basketball history to amass 100 career wins?
  • … that “unruly” diplomat Henry Labouchère was the first person to publish Truth in Britain?