In the news

In the news

Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant

  • Germany announces plans to abandon nuclear power entirely by 2022 (nuclear plant in Grafenrheinfeld pictured).
  • President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh dies from complications of surgery in Moscow.
  • A referendum to introduce divorce passes in Malta.
  • In association football, the UEFA Champions League season concludes with FC Barcelona defeating Manchester United in the final.
  • Egypt re-opens the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip.
  • In T20 cricket, the Indian Premier League season concludes with the Chennai Super Kings defeating Royal Challengers Bangalore in the final.

Your Daily Number for 3/28

Your Daily Number: 3

You’ll have a chance to impress others today. You should be feeling optimistic and upbeat about life in general. There will be plenty of communication in your world today, and you might feel slightly scattered as a result. Take advantage of today’s creative surge to make positive changes.

Fast Facts

About the Number 3

Theme: Expansive, Sociable, Dramatic, Diversified, Creative
Astro Association: Venus
Tarot Association: Empress