Pollution Water

This Korean formula is used to remove sources of pollution. Use it in cleansing spells and for banishing.

1.     Grind ashes, salt and red pepper to a fine powder.

2.     Add the resulting powder to spring water.

This product is intensified if the ashes are the remains of protective spells or holy verses.

In Korea, water with ash is a traditional soap base. Salt and red pepper are used to effect exorcisms.


Did you know…

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest articles:

Three bats flying over a misty placid lake. The bat in the foreground is about to swoop down and take a drink from the surface of the lake.

  • … that the many examples of extinct 48-million year old bat genus Palaeochiropteryx (life restoration pictured) found in the Messel lake may have drowned after being rendered unconscious in flight by poisonous volcanic gases?
  • … that Paratroop dog Glen of the 9th Parachute Battalion was killed during the Normandy Landings and is buried in a British war cemetery?
  • … that NGO PSCORE uses the term Corea to promote North Korean and South Korean unity?
  • … that at the 2008 Games, Nick Woodbridge and Sam Weale became the first British men to compete in Olympic modern pentathlon since 1996?
  • … that the evergreen juniper haircap moss is believed to be a powerful diuretic?
  • … that Valentino Garavani cited the moment Julia Roberts collected her Academy Award for Best Actress wearing his gown as the high point of his 45-year career?
  • … that according to The Dog Pillow, wearing armour without underwear makes one’s hair stand on end?

Seasons of the Witch for May 12th

Seasons of the Witch ( Some ancient and some not so much!)
Account Days begin (until 30th)
Buddha`s Birthday – South Korea
Celtic tree month of Saille ends
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day – Australia
Fatigue Syndrome Day
Festival of Sashti – India
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
Garland Day
Garland Day – Dorsetshire, UK
Garland Day (aka Derby Day) – UK
International Midwives Day – Australia
International Migratory Bird Day
International Nurses Day
Kite Day
Lord Buddha’s Birthday – Hong Kong
Mangers pour divers loas – Haiti
Mangers pour divers loas – Voudon
National Hospital Day
National Limerick Day
National Mushroom Festival
National Nutty Fudge Day
National Windmill Day
National Wine Show
Native American Rights Day
Nonsense Day
Nurse’s Day – Australia
Pentecost Monday
Pfingstmontag (Pentecost Monday) – Switzerland
Pisark Bochea – Cambodia
Pisark Bochea – Cambodia
St. Andrew’s Day – Georgia
St. Epiphanius’ Day
St. Epiphanius’ Day
St. Francis Patrizi’s Day (patron of reconcilliations)
St. Nereus and Achilleus’ Day
St. Pancras’ Day (2nd Ice Saint; patron of children, oaths, treaties)
St. Tammany’s Day (patron of democracy)
Woodmen Ranger’s Day
Belgium: The Cat Parade is celebrated in honor of felines.
India: Celebration of Aranya Sashti, a god of the woodlands similar to Pan.
Voudun: “Mangers” pour divers loas
1978 – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that they would no longer exclusively name hurricanes after women.

NOTE:   Because of the large number of ancient calendars, many in simultaneous use, as well as different ways of computing holy days (marked by the annual inundation, the solar year, the lunar month, the rising of key stars, and other celestial and terrestial events), you may find these holy days celebrated a few days earlier or later at your local temple.  

Remember the ancient ways and keep them sacred! 
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