Calendar of the Sun for October 28th

Calendar of the Sun

28 Winterfyllith

Day I of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris

Colors: Green and black
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of green and black set a figure of Isis, a figure of Osiris, a box carved like a sarcophagus, and two large ivory candles.
Offerings: Undertake a long-term difficult project.
Daily Meal: Beer. Barley. Figs. Dates. Nuts. Flatbread.

Osiris Invocation

Hail O Osiris
Wake O Osiris
Arise O Osiris
Thy Mother Nuit gives thee birth
The great company of gods would converse with thee
Take thy seat, Osiris,
For none shall offend thee,
Thine enemies are beneath thee,
All honor is given
To Osiris, Lord of the Dead.
For Osiris, the eldest son of Nut,
Was feasting at his table
When forth came Set, his Adversary
With a coffin inlaid much with gold and gems,
Saying that whosoever the coffin fit,
Might have it for his own.
Osiris lay down in the coffin,
Only to find that it had been made for his measure,
And that Set’s henchmen had been laying in wait
To spring the lid closed,
Nail down the box,
And cast it into the Nile.
So it was done, and it floated into the great Sea,
Where it was borne up by the waves
To the foot of a tamarisk tree
Which enclosed it in a cradle of bark.
And there lay Osiris,
Great King of the Gods of Egypt,
Locked in stillness and one with the trees.
Weep for him, Lord of the Earth!
(All weep and wail, the lights are cast out, and the wailing continues as all exit.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Daily Motivator for June 12 – Move ahead with no regrets

Excuses are easy, and consequently they are worthless. Real, focused,  sustained work is difficult and challenging, and can achieve magnificent  results.

What is easy and carefree in the short term becomes painfully, desperately  difficult in the long run. Because when you waste today with excuses, you fill  tomorrow with regret.

Work can be tedious, frustrating, inconvenient and draining, and yet you  absolutely can get it done. Regret, on the other hand, is impossible to escape  once you’ve created it.

So without question, it is far better to use your time to create value rather  than regret. Instead of taking the seemingly easy way out, take the truly best  way forward.

This hour, this day, this week, you are depositing the fruits of your efforts  into the lasting experience of your life. Be sure to fill those deposits with  meaningful, positive value rather than with painful regret.

You have the opportunity right now to make an effort that will make a  difference. Make the effort, do the work, create real value with your time, and  move ahead with no regrets.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator 

In The News Today

In the news

Sepp Blatter

  • Sepp Blatter (pictured) is re-elected President of FIFA amid corruption allegations within association football’s world governing body.
  • One of the largest outbreaks of E. coli ever recorded strikes Germany and several other European countries.
  • Germany permanently closes eight nuclear plants and announces plans to abandon nuclear power by 2022.
  • President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh dies from complications of surgery in Moscow.
  • In auto racing, Sebastian Vettel wins the Monaco Grand Prix and Dan Wheldon wins the Indianapolis 500.
  • A referendum to introduce divorce passes in Malta.