Good Morning, dear friends!

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Good Morning, my luvs! How are you doing on this fine, wonderful Saturday morning? I have been a very busy bee this morning. I hope I didn’t throw any of you into shock by being up this early. I actually don’t remember what time I did get up this morning. I know I laid down in the floor and was going to astral project. The next thing, I knew Kiki was barking like a wild animal. I believe that was around 3:45. She was doing her “there is a prowler bark.”  And to tell you the truth, I really didn’t give a damn. It was 16 degrees and snowing like the devil. If someone wants to prowl then, I hope he freezes his you-know-what’s off, lol! Since I fell asleep during my astral projection, I didn’t get to call my Dragon friend to protect my property. But I did get to bless the house on the inside. It was spitting snow when I started outside. I politely shut the door and said the heck with that. I can do the blessing on the inside but it just take so much longer. Sprinkling salt here and there, behind the beds’ headboard, under the two ton cabinets and so on. It is just much simpler to go outside and make a straight line around the house. Am I lazy or what?

But enough with that, I did wake up to a beautiful scenery this morning. This is the first real snowfall we have had this winter. It was beautiful. I pulled h blinds up and it took my breath. Kiki was on the bed and she jumped up and down and did circles. She loves the snow. When we had the ice storm about four years ago, we had about 10 inches of snow plus the ice. We had no power or nothing and I was bored silly. So I finally got the front door open and Kiki was jumping up and down. I got my snow boots on and bundle up real good. I opened the door and before I could get outside, Kiki was out like a bullet. She popped in the snow and you couldn’t even see her. It was hilarious. She is a tiny thing and only weighs 5 lbs. so you can imagine how big she is. The only way you could tell where she was at, was by the snow shaking. I dug the little poop head out and stuck her back in the house to warm up. Then I made a trail with my boots and let her out. She stayed right in the trail I had made for her. I would take little dabs of snow and throw them up in the air. They would land on her and she would get some of the snow in her mouth and ate it. But we both had a good time. Now that I have lights, a computer, TV and everything is normal, I look outside and go, “Oh, its beautiful but I bet it is cold as Hades out there, lol!”

Well I have talked your ear off enough. When I am about half asleep, I tend to talk a lot (if you haven’t noticed!). Time to get busy and get everything done. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Saturday.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


Lunar Almanac for Saturday, January 28th

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Lunar Almanac for Saturday, January 28th
Waxing, Crescent Moon Age: 5 ¾ days.
Ascending Node is at 11° Sagittarius.
Moon in 17th degree of the Sign Aries, the Ram;
also in 17th deg. of the Constellation Pisces, the Fishes.
Moonrise: 9:39 morn. Midheaven: 4:18 eve. Moonset: 11:10 eve.


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Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Jan. 13th – 15th

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Dream a Little Dream

January 13 – 15

This Friday the 13th could be lucky for lovers and those seeking love. The fastidious Virgo Moon isn’t usually thought of as romantic, but amour’s leading lady Venus is running the show now, making this a day of delights wherever you go. She joins limitless Neptune in the morning to inspire dreams of boundless affection. This connection spurs fantasies that may be difficult to fulfill, but with some creativity and a dash of intuition, anyone in love can make this a magical time. Use your imagination to come up with special activities that go beyond the usual restraints of routine social events. Indulging in artistic endeavors such as music, poetry and film are ways to stimulate one’s appetite for love. Or dress up and go dancing to make ordinary life feel like a Hollywood movie.

Venus slips into surreal Pisces on Friday night, allowing dreams to overflow into the light of day for the next three weeks. The Moon’s move into harmonious Libra, the partnership sign, on Saturday morning keeps relationships and romance on the front burner. Treating others the way you want to be treated could be the key to the kingdom of contentment. Venus’ cooperative connection with expansive Jupiter favors generosity, yet the Moon’s stressful square with suspicious Pluto could darken moods with shadows of mistrust or jealousy. Gently addressing unpleasant feelings is healthier than burying them in quiet resentment.

Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for July 15 – 17

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Easy, Breezy

July 15 – 17

A Full Moon in hyper-responsible Capricorn late on Thursday night tends to place productivity above pleasure as you’re reminded of your worldly obligations. Happily, for lovers and those seeking romance, the Moon floats into airy Aquarius on Friday afternoon to blow away accumulated worries. This friendly sign sets the mood for the weekend, making it easy to connect with people as conversations flow freely.

A non-judgmental atmosphere opens minds to all different styles of dress and entertainment. A more tolerant environment is great for exploring unusual individuals and unfamiliar experiences. Experimenting within a current partnership or when seeking a new romance reduces the pressure and increases interest.

You are able to strike a healthy balance between your need for adventure and a more mature approach to your obligations as the Moon aligns favorably with reliable Saturn on Saturday morning and with passionate Mars that night. But all this activity occurs in air signs that are more comfortable with ideas than emotions.

People may appear to be open and accessible, which is true to a degree, but you could come away with the feeling that you haven�t connected in a deep way. If you try to crowd someone or feel like a person is invading your personal space, politely step away and explain your need for a little privacy.

The weekend works best for those who like romance on a non-committal level, as if it’s a chance encounter of two ships passing in the night. Deep feelings and intimate moments are still possible; just don’t expect most people to be in the mood to deal with the sticky details of complicated emotions.