The Path of Wisdom

The Path of Wisdom

Author: Crick

As I walk along an unexplored trail through the forest, I take notice that there are no obstructions in my way. There are no brambles waiting to snag me with their thorns. There are no fallen trees to stumble over. There is no wayward stream forcing me to forage across. There is only the solitude of the woods and the associated sounds of woodland life.

Above me in the branches of an old Elm tree are a couple of birds that are singing a morning duet. It is a song about joy and the happiness of life. Could this be a romantic tryst? Up ahead of me a King snake goes slithering quietly across the path. He emanates an indifference to his surroundings as he ponders solitary thoughts. Alas, a creature of stealth and mystery that one is.

In the creek that runs parallel to the path, are shiny black salamanders, gleefully enjoying the gentle currents of cool water. It glides over them, while they undulate like strands of dark grass beneath the surface of the shallow stream. Their thoughts may be minute but their existence is in tune with their surroundings.

As I pass an old Oak tree, I can see the tracks of a raccoon leading to a well-used hole situated in the base of the tree. Without a doubt, this young denizen is nestled deep within the trunk of this abiding oak, lost in a deep slumber. For a moment I wonder what it may be that she is dreaming of.

Suddenly I hear the splash of a small fish as it propels itself out of its natural environment into a momentary altered state of experience. Much like a human who has astral projected for the first time. I wonder if there is a change in its sense of reality as it briefly goes from one element to another. Or is it a fleeting experience that passes by un-noticed?

These thoughts lead me to think of my spiritual path which unlike this forest trail is fraught with obstacles placed by fellow humans. For unlike the many denizens of this quiet forest, humans do not adapt well to the environment in which they live. For as long as I can remember I have walked my personal path as an individual and yet many have been the obstacles placed before me by others who have stumbled across my path. The light glows before them but their eyes remain tightly closed.

Spiritual growth is the unique experience of each who walks such a trail and yet many are those who would insist otherwise. The mysteries of life are an experience that is related to the lessons each individual person requires to move forth. And yet there are many who will posture and claim to know the answers that are hidden from them within the mists. Fear of such unknowns spawns a false sense of arrogance and thus limits the ability to truly experience and thus find the understanding that is there for us all.

A spiritual path requires the freedom of mind and heart and the willpower and desire to achieve it. Empty words cast forth from a mass of humanity, is akin to a lonely sigh on a secluded mountaintop. No one truly hears it for there is none about to listen. For those who speak little but listen much, indeed, they will hear the whisper of wisdom as it goes quietly by like a soft springtime breeze. And yet there are many who would gladly lend their voices to the maddening din of transparent experiences, egos rising like a flock of geese, thus offering naught but another obstacle to one’s spiritual path.

We are each as different as the blades of grass that make up a vast field. Perhaps the sage approach is to listen as we each have a unique tale to tell. Though we may each walk a spiritual path our footfalls will not be exactly identical, each step along the path an experience within itself. But rather then live in synchronicity with each other, each of us striving to attain an awareness and understanding of our purpose in life, we would rather place obstacles one before the other.

And woe, are our bitter fruits, given to us by those who would choose to take shortcuts along the path of life. Such folks as these are the loudest of all who seek to place obstacles before others. And little do they care to be listening as the lessons of life present themselves to each of us whom walk this path. For such folks are spiritually apathetic and as such they continually seek the shortest route.

But as I walk along this unexplored path through the forest, I realize the parallels inherent between this woodland trail and my spiritual path. Knowing not where the shortcuts may lead, would I not prefer to follow the trail in its entirety and thus have the opportunity to absorb the experience of life as a whole?

Would I personally want to chance on missing out on important lessons that may advance my understanding of life and thus my spiritual growth by taking shortcuts? And would I choose to hide my lack of such knowledge gained through such an experience by being loud and boastful and eager to set obstacles before others who may be walking beside me? Or would I choose to be silent and let the sounds of this forest and in essence of life, make their presence known to me?

Alas, if I am to be true to the tenets of being an individual who is walking the path of life, then I can only answer for myself. I cannot pretend to be able to answer for others, for though their life experiences may be similar, they are still unique to that traveler. And the only way for me to learn from the experiences of others is to be silent and willing to listen.

Balancing one’s ego is a difficult task, but then the ego is attached to the earthbound soul and once freed from the path of humanity, it is left behind as the spirit sheds such obstacles and flies freely back home. And so as we travel our spiritual path, each individual must decide which is more important, the short-lived desires of the mundane human existence or the long-term goal of spiritual growth.

And so as I walk the last remaining yards of this forest path free of any obstacles, I know that within my heart I will continue to bypass and overcome the obstacles that my fellow humans will surely present me on the path of humanity.

Will you?


Prayer Of The Day for Feb. 17th – Prayer for Patience

Prayer for Patience

O eternal Goddess, Maiden, Mother and

Crone. I am made from your flesh, and

you know me better than I know myself.

You understand depression, frustration,

and anxiety. Please me to control

these emotions, and help me to convert

these powerful feelings into love.


O eternal God, King of infinite wisdom

and goodness. I am created from your

essence, and  I thank you for the gift of

life. Please teach me to be patient and

humble, tolerant and gentle, especially

when life’s problems become heavy and

difficult to bear.


So Mote It Be.

The Dark Side Of The Air Witch

The Dark Side Of The Air Witch

Do not threaten an Air Witch or what she holds dear, as she is fiercely protective. When she feels threatened, she goes into overdrive and absolutely will not rest until the threat is destroyed completely. She rarely practices defensive magick, preferring instead to allow those who dare to attack face their karmic backlash instead, as she is always willing to accept hers. She can be manipulative in this manner and may not even realize it.

Usually well versed in destructive magick, the Air Witch takes all acts of magick deadly seriously. She insists that a simple blessing carries the same power behind it as a two-hour ritual. When angered, the emotion simply has to run its course, and that course can be decidedly ugly. Just as air feeds fire, the Air Witch feeds her own inner fire when she is angry. She stews and will not move beyond her anger until she is ready. Once she is, it is much easier for her to simply remove the influence from her life entirely. She will cut people out of her life without a second thought.

The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 1)

The Path Of The Air Witch

The path of the Air Witch is one of constant mental stimulation and expression. As poets, writers, actors, and dreamers, Air Witches walk the line of creativity. The wind is the soliloquy of life; every thought and sound transports itself through the air.

Seen as flaky and airheaded by some, the strength of the Air Witch lies in her intelligence, not her common-sense. She walks around with her head in the clouds. Too often she suffers from “foot in mouth” disease. She seems to have an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Uncomfortable with silence, the Air Witch is content to chatter on aimlessly. She is well-known for making people laugh and smile, even when she is on their last nerve.

A key strength of the master of the wind is her flexibility. The Air Witch always allows room to change her mind and to bend with the wind. She considers that she is never fully “done”; she is a work in progress. Just as you cannot capture the wind, you cannot pin down an  Air Witch to one viewpoint for too long. She refuses to stagnate by accepting anything to be true all of the time. She is inquisitive, bubbly, and bright, and can inspire others to reach higher, try harder, and give a goal their best shot. Air Witches make wonderful cheerleaders.

On the flip side, the happy-go-lucky Air Witch is not one you want to anger. Her fury rouses quickly, and she usually possesses a nasty temper. An Air Witch will not mince words with you-she will cut straight to the bone. Once her outburst is over, she is usually no longer mad. Five minutes after her tantrum, she has no idea why anyone is angry with her.

Due to her flighty nature, the Air Witch has an easy time letting go of the past. She can overcome the most tragic of life’s situations. She will be changed, but she will quickly move on. She is truly like the wind. Because of this, she tends to make bad judgments. She does not always think things through fully before taking action.

The Air Witch thrives on change and new beginnings. Nothing  will excite her more than moving to a new location, getting a new job, meeting new people, or going on a vacation. She often changes her style throughout her lifetime, including favorite colors, textures, and even foods.

Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and tends to get her in trouble. She keeps an open mind and is willing to see alternate viewpoints. The Air Witch is known to incorporate many different belief systems into her own personal view.

Among the many quirks of Air Witches, claustrophobia rates unusually high in their ranks. The Air Witch cannot stand the thought of being trapped in a place with limited air. Scuba diving or the like is a rare activity for an Air Witch, as she fears suffocation above all else.

The Air Witch’s home is normally very clean. She can be extremely picky about dirt and dust. However, when entering the home of an Air Witch, you are apt to find many projects in various stages just sitting around waiting for her to complete them. The windy Air Witch does not always have the stamina needed to complete what she starts. It makes perfect sense to her to do the laundry and then fold it and stack it, without ever putting it away. She is easily distracted.

The home of an Air Witch is usually neutral-toned and light, with many windows. She frequently will have an abundance of houseplants and overstocked cabinets filled with convenience foods and sugary junk. It’s no wonder Air Witches have weak teeth, as they usually have an inexhaustible sweet tooth.

(continued to “The Path Of The Air Witch, Part 2)

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Feb. 11th

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Today’s Affirmation for Saturday, February 11

“I am spacious yet full of loving kindness; full of compassion, yet serene. I live like the strings of a fine instrument – not to taut but not too loose.”


Thought of the Day for Saturday, February 11

Our lives are like tapestries – each one of us unique and distinct, yet woven from common threads. The presence of these threads in all of us enables us to know each other as ourselves – and therefore to show compassion.


Meditation of the Day for Saturday, February 11

When people harm others, it is tempting to condemn them for their actions, little realizing that this response is harmful to ourselves. Use meditation to evoke compassion. First bring to mind someone who wishes to harm others. Reflect that it is not them but their actions that are wrong. Understand that these actions are born out of their own inner pain. Feel compassion for their sufferings and visualize a healing light around their soul. You are healed in th process

Witchcraft 101: Preparation


I always prepare myself by dimming my lights about an hour before the working. I do tend to do most, but not all, magick at night. The extra drama of using darkness to augment my imaginative side is helpful.

After the lights are dimmed, candles are lit, and a few libations are poured, I tend to shower and have my stereo going with some good New Age or Pagan music to help my mind float into the right space.

Water, being a close kin to the Crab that I am, helps to soothe me, and the in the shower, I let earthly troubles wash away, leaving the pure part of my being to comtemplate the working to be.

After stepping out, I do tend to read a bit, look for spells in my library that might be appropriate, and then I write down the ones I like, or construct one of my own, usually on a clean piece of paper or parchment. I tend to either bury or burn these pieces of paper in the working, thus returning the spell to the earth, or to the fire.

In recent times, I’ve begun to think that perhaps I might also tear the paper to shreds to toss into the air, or to simply toss the spell into a body of water, thus balancing things with the traditional earth, air, fire, and water nature spirits.

Anyway, that is off the subject a bit… Back to preparations for the working.

Testing before casting

By the time all of this is done, my full attention is now forcefully and purely on making the spell work and on how to go forward… My mind is fully attuned to directing the energy, and by this time, I’ve set up my protection by doing some ritual cleansing of the home, testing my mindset to be sure I’m completely focused, and then to light 4 special candles that signify the four directions. On occasion, I have used tap-lights, and they do offer a special charm to circles!

Again, check yourself. I’ve often aborted a circle because I don’t feel right about the time, something is on my mind, and the worst of the worst, if I’m ill, I never, and I repeat, NEVER do magick when feeling ill or sick. It just never seems to go right if I am sick, and Magick takes energy. The worst thing I can think of is to deplete energy my body needs to fight illness and to leave myself truly in a fix. The Rede states “And it harm none” for a reason. It also stands to reason NOT to cause harm to yourself.

Last minute preparations I take are to lock the door, turn the ringer off on the phone, and to say a quick spell to banish interuptions. I can’t tell you how many circles I’ve been to at people’s houses where these simple things are forgotten and the ringing phone just kills the energy in a second! Someday, I’ll come up with a phone bansihment spell that will move all phones to another universe, but for now, disconnecting the beasts is a good alternative ;>)

So now you cast the circle!

So… you passed the tests and you feel great, your mind is clear, and you’ve got a real focus and you have the mind, body, and spirit all aligned!

A circle isn’t some two dimensional circle like the old dodgeball court line that we all know and love. Circles, in the magickal sense, are 360 degree circles of force that protect the occupants and help contain and focus the magickal energies to be exerted and directed from them.

I remember reading Lori Cabot’s wonderful books, and in one of them, she discusses a National Geographic article where she and her coven had a picture taken by a photographer, and the photo contained electrical discharge patterns in the picture that truly were interesting to see. The effect of the energy of the combined minds in the circle was such that it caused the camera to register these energies! So, my friends, this is the real deal. Circles exist, they create physical effects, and they are powerful tools when used properly.

Casting is often done in a clock-wise fashion. This honors the turning of the Earth herself and aligns our movements with the direction of the spin of the Earth. Living in the Northern hemisphere, we tend to forget that our good friends in the Southern hemisphere do things in a reverse fashion, and I do believe that those folks often use counter-clockwise casting to cast their circles in accordance with this same basic observation of energy flow.

I gave a lot of thought to this part of ritual and have concluded that the reason for it is that we become little vortexes of energy that harmonize with the flow of the earth, and this our workings carry forth in similar harmony. Going opposite to the flow creates distortions and probably gives poor results, but I’ve never tried that as an experiment. Perhaps someone can comment and enlighten us more.

Casting is simple. There are as many ways to cast a circle as there are stars in the sky. Some simply focus and then throw their energy/visualization into creating the sphere. Others lay out a circle in chalk, rope, corn meal, or whatever, and use that as the basis of the circle, and others yet just see the entire thing in their minds and walk in the appropriate direction to delineate the circle and mark the boundary.

An invocation, or reading to purify the space, is often done.

Use your mind to color the circle. I tend to use basic chakra colors to connect my own internal sensibilities to the extension of my space that is created by a circle. Use of blues and violets tend to dominate my circles, since I see these as electric and potent places, but others have described them as soft places with pinks and yellows to reflect peaceful settings. It just depends on the person(s).

After casting is done, invocations to invite the four directions or watchtowers of the four corners to join the circle. In my own mind, I see the four corners as inviting the spirits of the world to join us for the working. In doing so, you connect to the world, and to the universe at large.

Calling the quarters often involves the use of special calls, similar to the following:

“Spirit of Fire, Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, Keeper of the Sun and of Warmth, come to our Circle this night and grant us the will and energy to achieve our aims. So mote it be!”

Each quarter is called in similar format, sometimes by one person circling the quarter points, or by four people calling from their point of choice. Most good books on the Craft contain a wide-range of these calls, and often an experienced Witche’s BOS has your own custom calls written that help things along.

I have often wondered about adding a fifth tower, in the form of the sky above, since it does extend beyond the world, but I tend to just stick with the traditional model. Sometimes, things just work for you and it is good to just keep it simple!

Gathering the images and the storm…

All of this leads to one aim. We are now containing and bringing to bear the forces of the Earth herself, and are connecting our imaginations to these forces. Often, I meet other Witches who like to discuss these things, and they know a lot of the mechanics of the process, but have never contemplated the WHY of these actions.

The imagination, and most importantly, the subconcious parts of our minds, represents a powerful engine that can marshall these unseen connections in ways that are mysterious, but quite real and full of potent energy.The storm of the mind is gathered into a coiled and reactive manner when the circle is going strong, and all of this is driven by the final factor in the whole recipe…

This factor is excitement. We will discuss this in lesson four, along with the use of a patron God or Goddess to help with that excitement.

For now, use whatever means of gathering the excitement you can. Having calmed myself with my own practices, now I can direct the energy and my mind is usually going a mile a minute with good music helping things along. I do find music to be especially helpful, because images flow right from my deep subconcious and out through my fingertips as I perform the spell.

This is the point where I see circles often fail. The energy dies as someone stops to read from the parchment. It is as if we forget all the preparations and are just standing there like loons around a dead fish! The point of all of this is to gather the energy and take it the next step. Sometimes, I do think that the reason old Gerald Gardner did the naked rituals was to impart that excitement and to bring the novel sense of play into the circle so that these dead zones could be avoided and that the energy and forces would flow like a river. This is, of course, a controversial view, and I’d be happy to hear from others who might have views to share.

So, let’s say you are full of energy now. The circle is kicking ass with sparks, and you FEEL it! Now we are talking… This what is supposed to be happening. Not some dead mumblings and embarassed rummaging for a flashlight. The parchment should have been used only as a guide of study before, and now you are speaking from your heart. Your mind is full of images, and you feel almost as if in a play, or you feel above yourself.

The intent is guiding you, and you feel all around you. Other people, if present, are feeling it too. You see it in the eyes, in the spirit of their flashed looks. You move rythmically and forcefully. You are above and below yourself. The heart beats fast… the air sparkles, and gravity is gone, replaced by lightness.

Using the parchment, your mind whirls and you speak the part and words naturally and from the deepest parts of the soul. This is the point at which the container of the spell spills the energy into the vortex of the circle. You are releasing liquid energy into the universe, using intent and feeling as the currency of force, sprinkled with desire, and a dose of play mixed in.


The energy is at a maximum point now. If you are in a group or solitary circle, it does not matter, you must push the energy out to the universe in a burst. This creates a psychic wave that overpowers the normal flow of events, and probably ruffles the dress of the Goddess and the hooves of the God, if done correctly.

Often, the spell is finished with a dance in the direction of the earth’s spin and the circle participants merge into a frenzied dance with a sudden release, often guided by the priestess, with a shout or forceful physical action to a point at the center and above the circle, thus casting the energy into the cosmos.

The way you know it worked is the feeling that happens after. It is like the satisfaction one has after great sex ;>) There is a *reason* the Goddess has such coy looks about her. But… being a male witch, I must admit to being ruled by certain thoughts …

Usually, I burn the parchment as an additional form of release, but often take it outside after closing the circle. It is a final seal of returning the container to it’s origins and to honor the Goddess and God one final time.


Often the closing is the most ignored aspect. In fact it is among the most important aspects of the working. You’ve tugged on the Goddess’s skirts, or the God’s kilt, invitied the Watchtowers in, and you have honored guests among you. You are obligated to thank them for their presence, and to pour libations or give offerrings to them in payment for their attendance.

I often use food to pay them, or to use heartfelt thanks to let them know how I feel about them in my heart. Often, a strange event, like a candle going out, or strange bump will occur, or an animal like an owl or bat will go sailing by if outside, and it does tend to make me laugh. Just never forget to thank the deities. They are the reason you do this.

Witchcraft 101: Directed Imagination

Directed imagination you ask? Yes, a Witch without imagination is like a car without gasoline. It takes imagination to make Magick! And this is the point of lesson three!

Let’s define imagination first:

This is the dictionary definition of imagination:

  • The formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses.
  • The mental image so formed.
  • The ability or tendency to form such images.
  • The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind; resourcefulness: handled the problems with great imagination. A traditional or widely held belief or opinion.

Archaic definitions.

  • An unrealistic idea or notion; a fancy.
  • A plan or scheme.

AJ’s definition

Since I write these articles, creative license rules supreme! I define imagination as the power of the mind to concieve ideas and plans from the formless world and to give birth to these ideas in our world of form. The process by which imagination takes shape is mysterious and not well understood, but is dominated by the subconcious and is a potent and useful force for good and change in the world.

On to the lesson!

WitchCraft is the study of forces and movement of energy. In this third moon, we are looking at the means of Magick, what it takes inside of your inner being to bring it to the surface, and how to direct this energy.

As we mentioned in earlier lessons, spells are virtually powerless containers that only serve to contain the forces being directed by the Witch. A spell is like a beaker that brings life giving fluid to the lips of a parched throat. Without the container, the life-giving water cannot be delivered to the parched throat of the drinker, and without the water, the container is just another object in the universe, without true purpose or use, until intent and imagination combine to make the water and the beaker become more than the sum of their parts.

Thus, we find that Magick spells are exciting and actually fun because of the “water” aspect. Spells use the imagination of the Witch. Like water, imagination flows, it is deep, it contains mystery, and no one can quite say where it comes from, where it goes, or can truly contain it for very long.

Imagination can be channeled like water in a river. It can be focused, directed, and refined to laser-like intensity, cutting problems to shreds with it’s sheer force. Combined with the structure of the spell to direct it, the two components become Magick!

Lesson two saw you perform a spell, but I left out a key ingredient!

Before you performed the spell, I ask you this simple question; How did you prepare yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually before you did the working?

Answer this honestly. You’ll need to go back in your mind, or look at your book of shadows to find out the answers to this question. When you feel you’ve reached that answer, spend time to record the answer to this question in your BOS.

I’ll use my own preparations for Magick as a potential guide to you. Mind you, many people do this differently, but after 14 years of Magickal practice, I tend to use a very tried and true procedure that evolved from my own workings and learning around very experienced teachers. All I know, is that it works for me, and if you see fit to alter it to your special circumstances, go for it. The trick is to use your own sensibilities and comfort levels as the guide to getting your mindset right!

Witchcraft 101: Magick and Intent

Instruction in WitchCraft varies from person to person, and individual to individual. I’ve yet to see any one path follow exactly the same course, so these lessons being presented here are simply a wide spot in the road, only guaranteed to clear a view to other vistas and help you on your way.

Lesson one covered the basics of what WitchCraft is and what it is not. In it, we covered the experiences and motivations of being a witch. However, I did not place a challenge before you like the one I plan to do here.

True, I asked you to consider the WHY of being a Witch, especially in your own case, but now I’m going to cover a section of the Craft that covers your personal power, and how you can use it for personal gain and to acknowledge the real and very potent forces that comprise Magick itself.

No… I am not going to discuss the art of casting spells with all manner of strange oils, brews, unusual objects, or even the occasional magickal object that is used to cast power. Instead, we are going to talk about the most powerful weapon in the Witch’s inventory.

This weapon beats out the entire lot of objects and forces that one associates with WitchCraft and Magick in general.

This force is INTENT.

Intent is the power of focusing on a desire, goal, or wish, with the express purpose of bringing that desire about. Intent plays to forces beyond and in the mundane that see to it that what you want, you will indeed get.

Mind you, this is no simple matter. The subject is fraught with difficulties and all manner of traps that can hang you up and cause all sorts of problems, should you misconstrue or mis-use the power.

Yes… this “intent” is power itself. With it, people have leveled civiliziations, and they have created art, gardens, and pleasant lives. It all depends on the motivation behind the person,.

Intent is expressed through NEED. Need is expressed through forceful emotion and powerful desires, and through these components of Magick, one can direct and influence events through the simple use of force of mind. True, magicakl props like wands, capes, and certain helpful herbs and materials do help things along, but the old saying that “The Witch IS the Magick” is quite true.

You are the Magick!

How does this principle work then?

After 14 years in the Craft, I really can only make a supposition, but mine is an informed supposition, because of my years in science and around scientists and very talented metaphysicians.

Our universe is a manifestation of quantum forces that are influenced by the fact that we are here to observe events. What this means is that without observers, for all intensive purposes, the universe might exist, but it’s purpose cannot be appreciated or find useful expression.

In scientific experiments, it has been found that the intent or concentration of a person on light beams (in a highly controlled and measured laboratory) affected the behavior of the beams. Strange effects like this prove that intent and thought itself have powerful and practically unlimited power to influence events.

Einstein called some of these forces “Spooky action at a distance”. He was referring to the behavior of photons of light that could never have communicated with one another, but somehow could affect each other in spite of huge distances and great efforts expended to prove that the experiments where wrong!

In real English, what I am telling you is that this universe of ours is one weird place, and that our minds and passions can exert influence over time, space, and matter.

Thus, Magick is the power of the mind to influence the course of events.

So much is made of visualization and projection of the mind in magickal rites, but little is said as to the underlying mechanisms that drive Magick. While my somewhat brief explanation does not clearly define the exact nature of the mechanism, it does make it clear that Magick IS indeed influencing physical systems, and that the mind itself has quantum properties that allow us the luxury of bending the universe to our needs, if one has sufficient intent and force of will.

Thus, we move into the area of ethics.

Yes, you can wish for and project for anything, but the question is tied to one nagging little issue; NEED.

Need is tied to what you really need in your heart of hearts, and what can legitimately be requested or asked for. It has little to do with the fact that I would love to materialize a broom with flying capabilities, like a Nimbus 2000.

Need is tied to things like deciding to get a degree and then projecting to the universe for help in getting there. I did so in my late bid in life to get my BSIT and lo and behold, my company suddenly volunteered to pay for the entire cost of my education.

Of course, I had done projection work, and my passion to change my life was a big part of this sudden desire to move the forces of the world to propel me in a new direction.

There is one little snag in all of this. And you who have known me well for many years on this web know that I sometimes disappear now and again. I can honestly say that my experience of Magick is that for every gain and change of direction, I have had to drop something else, in order to propel the ship of my life in that direction.

Thus, I dropped a lot of personal things to make the education happen. For me, Coven life and other key aspects of my world have had to take a back-seat to my development of my mind and growth.

To get something, you have to give. This is true in economics, and is sure as hell is true in Magick. If you hear someone telling you different, they haven’t cone to realize this great truth yet.

Again: To get something your heart desires, you MUST give up something else, in order to propel forward. What that something is cannot be easily stated, but you will need to carefully consider where it is you intend to sail your Magick, and what you are prepared to give to get there.

In my case, I gave up time and companionship for a short time, but the return has been well worth the short expenditure.

So… some of you are now realizing that Magick is really just transformation of time, energy, and intent. All of it guided to an end goal that is dictated by the principle of giving up or discharging something else.

Giving up something in your life, to get ahead is natural, positive, and even fun. All of us have areas of our lives that can stand for us to get rid of one area that holds us back. Using this gift of release, we can channel the benefits of this giving towards other goals, and in our personal Magick and power.

In smaller workings, where visualization is needed for a healing, or to alter the outcome of a dispute, or to wish for some windfall in your life, you can give of your time, or even of your heart, and thus you pay the toll for the Magick you exert.

Witchcraft 101: First Moon

First Moon

This first assignment starts at the first full moon. You need to research the Craft… Read as many books and talk to as many of the more experienced practitioners as you can. Learn from these people.

Listen to them speak and trust your inner leadings and filters as you hear what they have to tell you. Some advice and information will resonate with you… some will not. This is part of the process, and just keeps you true to yourself… You are on a mission to learn who and what you really are!

Find one special person of the magickal variety with whom you can work, whose energy makes you comfortable, and who challenges your thinking as you progress in your understanding and growth. This person will be a mentor, friend, and teacher who will provide the benefit of experience and tolerance that should help you to advance. During this month, take time several hours a week or so to spend time in nature. It can be simple walks, or grand and glorious hikes into the outdoors. It can be fishing or camping, or just looking at plants in a park. Whatever you choose to do, just remain faithful in doing it.

Take a journal and record your thoughts and feelings as you connect with the universe around you… Keep those notes as part of your initial experiences… it is wise to be able to look back at what you were like, all those years later when you have been practicing, and it does bring a smile to see where you were and where you are now.

On the evening of the next full moon after you have spent all this time researching, talking, and spending time immersed in the Craft… Stop and ask yourself this simple question:

“Why do I want to be a Witch?”

This is a powerful question… Be honest with yourself, and then decide for yourself if you want to go on to the next stage of the process.

If you have been honest with yourself… your path, feelings, and direction will be clear. Trust your inner bell and guides… These serve as guideposts to help point the way.

I still do this in moments of trying times… I ask myself why I still am a Witch. To this day, it still rings true to my soul with a clarity that I am still amazed at… What is the reason? I am A Witch because I love the mystery and process of life, and because this spiritual system connects me, grounds me, and heals me like no other can. As a Witch, I feel complete and powerful in my own spirit and knowledge of who I am as a person.

You will come to your own definition of this in your first month of exploration. Each month, another question will surface for exploration and discussion.

Be sure to record those questions in your journal or book of shadows. At your initiation, you will want to read from each month, and discuss with your mentor or guiding teacher or witch what it is you have learned, and how best to apply it as you create your unique identity as a Witch.

Witchcraft 101: Power of the Path

Power of the Path

Your having come to the Craft of the Wise is unique in that you have picked one of the hardest of spiritual paths to walk. It takes great courage and charisma to be a Witch. However, the rewards for this hardest of paths are equally great.

Why is Witchcraft hard? It is an imperfect, misunderstood, and highly individualistic religion that challenges your beliefs and actions at every moment of the day and night.

We live by principles and traditions that prevent us from doing magick to harm others, that acknowledge that for every action, there is an equal or greater reaction that visits like energy to the sender.

In other words… If you do good works, it is highly likely you will have good come to you. If it is for negative (save protecting yourself in a life or death situation), you probably risk bringing negative forces of all sorts to your step.

You will undoubtedly hear more of this as your learning advances… I am not here to rehash all of that… Plenty of material exists on the subject already.

To put this in a few sentences: My own take is that if good goes into something, good is going to come out… bad-in, well… bad will come out of it. This is a simple cause and effect rule. Just be aware that your actions and intent affect more than just your immediate surroundings in life and that the effects of your intent do come full circle.

Often, these effects come from unexpected directions and are the direct result of choices made earlier, even if the connection is not easy to see or makes sense to you.

Think of it like this: A pebble tossed in a pond makes waves (forces) that eventually cross the entire pond, bounce off the shoreline, and then return with effects that can be either helpful or disastrous. So too, are our workings and intents in life and in the Craft…

Speaking of forces… Most of Witchcraft is about living well… without all the Hollywood effects, drama of running around in robes or “looking like a witch” for some theatrical part.

Some of the most powerful witches I know do not even use the tools you are “supposed to” use. They construct their own simple ways of practicing, and use their minds to make magick and to bend forces and work *with* nature and natural energies to bring harmony and balance to the world.

These same Witches use magick to help themselves, and feel no shame in being here in the universe. They and we have every right to be here, and to choose the manner and means in which we acknowledge our creator and deity(s) of choice…

Organized religion holds no place for brave souls like this… indeed; they never fit in that system in the first place. So… in this first lesson, I hope I am dashing any sense of the continual drama and wishes for awesome effects at every moment… Witchcraft is work. It is the art of working on you. You also work on your relationship with the people, universe, and forces/powers to which we all have access.

This is not to say that there are not dramatic moments in the Craft. I have seen amazing events in my 13 years of being a Witch. I have seen winds blow through a house, extinguishing candles in a room that had closed windows and doors. I have seen trees raging and dancing. I have even been part of a circle where a ritual called for rain from a seemingly cloudless sky and within a few minutes, a downpour ensued.

The common thread to these events was that there was every reason for me to be at each of these events, and they were reminders that being a Witch does invite mysterious forces and entities to our lives, who are hopefully there to teach and guide us.

They are not there to entertain… Instead… these events provide a base for us to know that the unseen is there and that they work with and around us as we undertake our missions in life and as witches.