2011 Numerology Forecast, A call to lead

2011 Numerology Forecast

A call to lead

by Hans Decoz

In previous yearly forecasts I mentioned that 2008 was the start of an amazing nine-year epicycle, one that will go down in history as more dramatically transformative than any other period before it. Numerology clearly shows that the year 2012 is the big turning point in this cycle, but first we must get through the year ahead.

We are now entering the fourth year of this nine-year cycle, and 2011 is dominated by the disciplined and controlled 4 — a positive energy, if it wasn’t for its lack of vision and flexibility. While discipline and control may sound positive in many ways, the way it plays out in 2011 is not quite as wonderful as it sounds, as it expresses itself in a global narrowing of vision that lessens our ability to plan for the future or to properly understand the impact of our choices and decisions. Also influential in the year 2011 are the 1 and the 0, creating obstacles and confronting us with some of our more taxing shortcomings.

If, in fact, 2012 is to be the major turning point, then 2011 is the last year when all things flow downward. There will be confrontations over the most trivial disagreements. If most politicians today are considered narrow-minded and foolish, during 2011 the little bit of vision and greatness that managed to survive thus far will be all but wiped out. Details are blown out of proportion, frustration rules and tunnel vision becomes the accepted norm. There will be less progress and more regress.

For the last dozen years or so, there has been a dominating presence of both the 0 and 1 and the 1 and 2 patterns. These are numbers that push things apart and away. So while the obvious political, military and religious forces continue to bring conflict and separation, there is actually an underlying evolution taking place on a deeper and more humane level, carrying us toward a more harmonious existence while the changes playing out on the surface seem to be pushing us toward our ultimate demise.

Unfortunately, we might not see the effects of this harmonious existence until a few more years down the line. On the visible stage, 2011 still brings stagnation, denial and downright obstruction on a national and global level. More and more, it appears that people focus on the differences between them, causing hateful rhetoric and violent encounters. There will also be a further widening of economic gaps in developed countries, and most visibly in the United States — the rich get richer and the poor get poorer … and the percentage of people considered to be poor increases exponentially. Religions, without exception, also become more polarized, and this reflects itself in less tolerance, more dogmas and likely more violence. In fact, look at any aspect of human life — political, religious or any other — and simply sharpen the angles, and there is the picture for 2011.