New Moon Report for April 30 –

Mars conjunct Jupiter

Saturday, April 30, 9:26 pm PDT, Sunday, May 1, 12:26 am EDT

Active Mars and expansive Jupiter join up in fiery Aries to set a blaze of enthusiasm that’s made for adventure. Whether it’s a personal quest or a professional enterprise, the ability to burn away doubt and take on risky experiences is strong now. If anger or aggression is high, channeling it toward a creative project will be much more peaceful and productive than engaging in combat. This is high-octane fuel to propel us forward with courage and energy to handle challenges of all kinds.


New Moon Report for 4/9 – Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde

Saturday, April 9

Potent Pluto’s backward shift drives desires underground where they can be buried with fear and shame, which isn’t very healthy. On the plus side, this four-month retrograde cycle provides an opportunity to re-evaluate what we want and determine whether we’re responding to real needs or simply acting out of habit. A clearer perception of these issues enables us to put our emotional priorities in order, eliminate distractions and concentrate our efforts where they’re most needed.