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Lysimachia iniki

  • … that the rare Hawaiian plant Lysimachia iniki (pictured) was named for Hurricane Iniki after the cyclone aided in its 1992 discovery?
  • … that the productions of American stage director Nathaniel Merrill at the Metropolitan Opera, “such as Dulcamara’s arrival via hot-air balloon in Elisir, kept Met audiences diverted and amused for a generation”?
  • … that the collapse of Teton Dam in 1976 was foreshadowed by a similar near-disastrous failure at Fontenelle Dam in 1965?
  • … that the “Harvey” mannequin is a patient simulator created in 1968 to teach cardiopulmonary medicine?
  • … that the depictions of the Ascension of Jesus in Christian art are often divided into an upper (heavenly) and lower (earthly) part?
  • … that provincial judge and future Lieutenant Governor of Alberta William L. Walsh sentenced 18 convicted criminals to hang, earning him the nickname “the Hanging Judge”?
  • … that during his senior season at St. John’s, basketball player Boo Harvey hit three buzzer-beating, game-winning shots?
  • … that according to the Interaction Hypothesis, the efficiency of second language acquisition is greatly increased when there is a breakdown in communication?