Good Monday Morning, My Dear Friends!

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics Good Monday Morning, my dear friends! I hope your day is off to a great start. I hope most of you are on a long extended vacation. I remember hearing on the News, most people would be off the 4th, 5th & 6th. Boy, a break like that, you won’t never want to go back to work. I know after a long vacation, I use to have to kick myself in the rump to go back. I just stopped to think if I missed going to work, hmm? Consider my family’s auto shop moved 60 miles in the opposite direction of my home, No! At first I enjoyed it. The business was only located 20 miles away from where I live. That was great. I loved going to work. In that type of business, you meet all types of people. It was definitely interesting. Then I don’t know what happened to cause the move. I guess it was a bigger garage and my cousin jumped on it. My hubby and I helped move that greasy, nasty crap, YUCK! I worked at the new office for about 6 months and I decided I had it. My cousin told me he was going to have to decrease my salary. Yeah, right! I guess he thought I was going to work for my health, lol! Anyway, I hit the road and never looked back. So thinking about now, heck no, I don’t miss work, lol!

Well let’s get down to business. I ran across this lovely chant I wanted to share with you this morning. I do not know the author. If anyone does, please contact me and I will credit it. I hope you enjoy it.

Shed, Release

Whatever It Takes, Whoever You Are.

Heal The Wounds, Erase The Scars

Allow Your Hearts To Be Wide Open.

Shed, Release, Return Unbroken

How Many Times Have You Gone Within.

Only To Find Yourself There Again

Shed, Release, Return Unbroken.

Know Thyself This Truth Be Spoken

Shed, Release, Return Unbroken.

Know Thyself This Truth Be Spoken

~Magickal Graphics~