Essence of Louisiana Van Van

Essence of Louisiana Van Van


Used as a sprinkling solution to attract luck and power of all kinds when used full strength. Add to scrub water to wash down the floor and steps of a home or business to get rid of evil.

Put 1 1/2 ounce of Louisiana Van Van Oil in 16 ounces of alcohol. Shake well before each use.


Did You Know………

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

Head of decim periodical cicada with red eyes and three red ocelli arranged in a triangle between the eyes

  • … that a new species of decim periodical cicada (pictured) was discovered by studying the songs of Brood XIX, now re-emerging in 2011 after 13 years underground?
  • … that Andrew Marvell wrote poems accusing Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley of cowardice, even after Berkeley’s death in battle?
  • … that walls and the ceiling of the Unionskirche (Union Church) in Idstein are covered with 38 oil paintings from the Dutch Golden Age school of Rubens?
  • … that independent filmmaker Frank Sudol wrote, animated, voiced, directed, and composed all of the music for his film Dead Fury?
  • … that the Ghana Trades Union Congress, an umbrella group that unites various workers’ groups in Ghana, was established in 1945?
  • … that in 1972, Enoch T. Nix, president of the Louisiana State Board of Education, proposed the closing of historically black Southern University at New Orleans, an issue revived in 2011 by Governor Bobby Jindal?
  • … that in 1463 Thomas Bettz left £26 13s 4d in his will—a fortune in those days—to help pay for the repair of the bells of St Martin’s Church in Ruislip?