Happy Saturday Afternoon My Dearies!


Hello my luvs! How are you all doing this fine weekend? I hope everyone is having a lovely do so far. Me, well I took a mini-vacation. I have just pushed and pushed and I pooped out. The nights’ we have had a full moon, I have been sitting outside under it. Meditating some and then just recharging my batteries. I wanted to remind you that tonight is the third night after the Full Moon. If you haven’t got them Full Moon Rituals or Spells done now is the time to do them, got some cleansing, get it done, blessings like the house or self, get ‘er done!

I had ordered a new pendant and I was praying it would get here during the Full Moon. It showed up yesterday in the mail and I was tickled to death. It got cleansed last night. Tonight it gets concentrated and blessed to me, then I am going to bless the house. See I practice what  I preach. If I preached I would but I don’t, lol!

Seriously this is just a reminder to get all those Full Moon things done tonight!


Have a Fantastic Thursday, My Dearies!

Happy, happy Thursday to everyone! There seriously ought to be a law against someone feeling so good. I got out yesterday afternoon and worked my butt off. Since I got rid of hubby, I plan on fixing the porch the way I always wanted it. Yes my loves,  there is not much this old witch can’t do. I am going to have to quit referring myself as old, I am not old. Anyway back to the subject at hand, I cleaned off one end of the deck. Then I went to a local nursery in pursuit of landscaping bricks. I did not believe the number of landscaping companies I would have to go to before I found my mysterious bricks. I finally found them, loaded them up and off I went to the house. You might be wondering or not, what I wanted with bricks. I am fixing my herb garden finally and I wanted to put them around it to keep the lawn service from mowing them down. I got out back where I wanted to put the herb garden and I have never seen like the crap buried in the ground. I found everything and if I still had the contractor’s number, I would have to call him. But after I got that cleaned out, it was late and me and my pup were hungry. So I came in and cooked us some supper. After supper, I came into the bedroom and started working on the carpet. I am in the process of super cleaning it. But I had energy to spare yesterday and also today. I plan on finishing my garden this afternoon. I know to some of you, really all of you, I am putting out my garden late. But our seasons are messed up. I will have herbs up to late October. Then I go harvest and live happily ever after.

Ok, the Elder Witches amongst us doesn’t have to read this part. This is just for the newcomers and in case they haven’t figured it out yet or made the connection. I don’t mean to insult anyone, this is just a great way to learn and it stays with you. Let’s start, do you wonder why I told you all the stuff I did yesterday? Did you wonder how I had so much energy and it was natural energy? It was because of the moon. Yes, you hear right. There is a new moon lurking about. If you notice every time the Moon becomes Full or New (I haven’t never found this true for the other changes, in fact I end up drained during them.), you have a sudden surge of energy. You can’t sit still, you have got to be doing something. That is the Moon’s rays having an effect on us. If there is something you have been putting off and absolutely dread doing it, wait to the Moon become Full or New. You will have more energy than you know what to do with. The mundane world has almost found out our little secret. They are starting to notice how much crazy stuff happens. The crazy stuff happens because the average person doesn’t know how to handle the extra energy. We, the witches, do.