Blessed Wednesday To All My Friends! It’s Hump Day, YEAH!”

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Ah, good morning my sweets! I hope your Wednesday is off to a wonderful start. I am so tired, I will probably fall asleep at the keyboard. If you see anything like this, “ssssssssssss” going all the way across the page. Don’t think anything about it. It is just me napping on the job, lol!

In the meantime before I take that nap, how about a beautiful inspirational poem to start our day with


We are on a higher journey

We are on a Higher Journey,
Just remember that many need to learn about time’s,
We are on a Journey that is never ending,
Thinking of all my composure,
Just hold on and never give up,

We are on a Higher Journey,
Just remember that,
Iam feeling so secure in all my efforts to please my rights,
Stand up for what is right,
Life is worth even more than death,
Just hold on and on,
Never give up on any struggle’s,
Remember that we came from far,
The journey is a never ending destiny.

Maxim Muyu