Did You Know…….

Did you know…

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 Iglesia Inmaculada Concepcion Ujarras

  • … that one of the oldest churches in Costa Rica, Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Limpia Concepcion (pictured), built in the 1560s in Ujarrás, has been proposed as a World Heritage Site?
  • … that the movies Green Street Hooligans and Cass are based on West Ham United F.C. supporters?
  • … that The Captive King is a lost painting of Joseph Wright of Derby that showed Guy de Lusignan taken prisoner, after the relics of the true cross were said to be lost?
  • … that the McArthur Mining Company was Michigan’s first coal mine?
  • … that 17-year-old Uruguayan footballer Juan Cruz Mascia has been recognised as the heir to 2010 FIFA World Cup star Diego Forlán in the English and South American media?
  • … that on 12 June 1944, during the Battle of Breville, friendly fire killed the commander of the attacking force and wounded two British brigadiers?
  • … that the Big Moose from Antigonish was the “King of the Klondike?”