Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 11 – ‘World Population Day’

Today is ‘World Population Day’ and here’s a few Feng Shui fertility tips if you and yours are trying to add to the population. This philosophy says that an image, picture or painting of a pomegranate in your bedroom will increase your odds at getting pregnant. Feng Shui considers this fruit and its many seeds to be a strong symbol of fertility. This cure says putting five pomegranates on your bed every morning will help increase world population in a speedy manner. One fruit should be placed at each of the four corners and one should be positioned in the center of the mattress. Remove and keep the pomegranates close by when retiring at night. Do this for nine, 27 or 49 consecutive days to enhance fertility. A symbol of a dragon, (especially during this current Chinese New Year) positioned on the man’s side of the bed is also believed to increase the odds of becoming parents, as will placing a painting or image of children in the bedroom. Or you could just use an ancient image that is believed to activate ancestor energies and bring a new addition to your family. Download the ‘100 Children’ image and then look no further as Feng Shui helps get you pregnant.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com