The WIccan Book of Days for Jan. 28th – Algiz, the Averter

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January 28th

Algiz, the Averter

The runic half-month of Algiz (or Eohl) starts on January 28. It is thought to invoke the protection of a higher being, mainly because the appearance of the rune evokes the image of a person standing with his or her arms raised heavenward, as if imploring, or a else a hand whose palm is facing upward or outward, as if warding off an aggressive force. Two alternative meanings are the of “elk” and “elk sedge,” i.e., a prickly type of marsh grass, but even if interpreted as such, the primary meaning of both still implies self-defense or protection.

“A Helping Hand”

Wear a hand of Fatima as a protective amulet today. Available from Islamic outlets, this representation of the hand of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter (the thumb denotes her father) represents Allah and the Five Pillars of Islam. Its palm often incorporates an eye that is said to deflect the malign energies conveyed by the evil eye.