Basic Melt-and-Pour Making Instruction

In soap making, timing is essential. If you whisk too long, then your soap will begin to get in the measuring cup to the point where you won’t be able to pour it. If this occurs, it must be re-melted before pouring. Re-melting soap with fragrance can destroy the integrity of the aroma. Expect to make a few mistakes when first learning to make your own soaps; however, you will quickly get the feel of this super-simple process! Goat’s milk, coconut and shea butter bases do not have good suspension and require that you whisk your formulas until they thicken but are still warm enough to pour.

Basic Melt-and-Pour Soap-Making Instructions

  • Heat your soap base as indicated by manufacturer. (Be careful not to overheat or you will destroy the integrity of the soap based.)

  • Add color per manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Add fragrance or essential oils per manufacturer’s instructions. Hint: For every pound of soap use three teaspoons of fragrance (this does not apply for essential oils).

  • Add herbs.

  • Add any other inclusions-water for handmilled, jojoba carrier or other oils; vitamin E (a preservative), etc.

  • Whisk mixture until it begins to thicken.

  • Pour into molds.

  • Spritz each soap while still warm with alcohol to remove bubbles.

  • Allow to cool completely in mold.

  • Remove from mold.

  • Air-dry (length of time depends on what type of base you are using). Glycerin can be packaged after one hour.


Today’s I Ching Hexagram for May 3 is 22:Grace and Beauty

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

22: Grace and Beauty

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Hexagram 22
General Meaning: A splashy sunset bathes the mountains in a soft radiance; the light of a full moon dances on the surface of a rippling river. Grace and beauty adorn the natural world. Grace is not an all-powerful force, nor is it the essential or fundamental thing. By itself, it is form without content. Grace is moonlight on water, not the sunlight at noon. Yet grace brings artistic expression into the world, and enhances the quality of our lives.

In the arts, grace arises out of adherence to form: the dancer becoming the form of the dance, the musician giving life to the form of a musical score, the painter becoming one with the brush and canvas. In human affairs, grace is also aligned with form — with mastery of aesthetic and cultural patterns honed by time and honored by tradition. Through appreciation of graceful customs in human relationships we apprehend the pure beauty of the ideal, of life raised above the mere struggle for survival.

Possession of grace, like the bearing of a beautiful gift to a wedding, can add stature to those in humble positions. Take care to lend grace and dignity even to small happenings, while giving the weight of deep and careful consideration to matters of greater consequence. Though it should not be confused with true substance, an artistic flair can take one far in this world.

A Spell for Protection from the Winds

A Spell for Protection from the Winds
Draw down a protective circle. Light some incense and focus on the smoke as it curls skyward. Pick an incense that appeals to you in some way–lavender, sandalwood, and musk are good choices, but any fragrance you like is fine. Say something like the following:
Children of the winds, Guardians of Air
Listen to my words. Harken to my prayer.
Breathe upon me gently. Breathe upon me warm.
Guard my home and family. Keep us safe from harm.
Be sure to thank the sylphs for their attendance and their cooperation. You might hang a wind chime in a window, on a porch, or in your backyard so you can hear the sylphs as they hover near you.

I’m sorry

Good Thursday Morning, my sweets!

I suppose you are wondering what I am apologizing for. I have not been doing my daily postings the way I like too. This is due to the fact, I have been sick. The doctors aren’t really sure what is wrong with me. On the back of my head, I will have a knot that just rises out of the head. This knot is about the size of a cut in half golf ball. It also has veins coming from it and they run in all directions. It is very painful and the pain runs down into my neck and shoulders. This is the second time I have had this. The first time, the doctors was baffled and they didn’t know what it was. So I was diagnosed with shingles and they gave me an antibiotic and sent me on my way. Well this time when the knot came back, it was bigger and much more tender than before. It hurt to do anything to my hair. It hurt to move my neck. So we pack up and go to the doctor’s again. This time I laid down on the slab and the doctor rummaged through my hair. I showed her where the knot was and she found it and it was like “oh, sh–.” Doctors aren’t that gentle. Anyway, she said with me laying down she could trace the knot. She said the knot had veins that were puffed up. She could trace were the knot was going.  So now, I am on an antibiotic and another one medication that is for anti-viral medication. The anti-viral makes me sleepy and I take it three times a day. So I have been posting through naps, lol!

I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I didn’t want you to think I was trying to get out of my job. You can’t get rid of me that easy, lol! I would ask a favor from you though, please keep me in your prayers. This is very painful, every joint in my body hurts. I would deeply appreciate your prayers. I am going to start posting. If you hear zzzzzzzzzzzz, you know what happened, the drugs kicked it, lol.

Thank you so much for your understanding,

Lady A

Incense of the Day for 3/28 is “Emergencies” Incense

“For Emergencies” Incense
3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Dragon’s Blood
2 part Myrrh
1 part Rosemary
1 part Asafoetida*
1 part Cayenne*
1 part Grains of Paradise
1 part Rue*
1 part Garlic*
Burn to be rid of foul demons, wrathful spirits, tax collectors, drunks, and other noisome creatures. Stand back and hold your nose–or better still, leave the room while this incense is smoldering. Those herbs marked with an asterisk above aren’t necessarily dangerous or baneful, but they emit powerful smoke that is irritating to the eyes, nose and lungs.
The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews
Scott Cunningham