Today’s Goddess: Securita Lemuria (Rome)

Today’s Goddess:  Securita

Lemuria (Rome)


 Themes:  Protection; Ghosts; Grounding


Symbols:  Amulets and Protective Sigils




About Securita:  As the name implies, Securita is a protective Goddess who watches over not only individuals in need but also entire empires.  In the true spirit of security, she also actively promotes stability and firm foundations in our lives.




To Do Today:  In ancient Rome, lemures were considered to be the ghosts of family members who like to pester the living, if given the chance.  So, in all due prudence, the Romans took time once a year to put ghosts back where they belong and invoke Securita’s protection by tossing beans behind them 9 times.  We can use this symbolism today in banishing any ghosts that linger in our figurative closets.  Just name a handful of beans after your “ghost”, toss them behind you in an open area, and walk away.  This appeases the spirits and leaves the troubles behind you in the past, where they belong.




Today is an excellent day to make Securita amulets for protection against mischievous spirits.  Take any one or all of the following and bind them in a white cloth with red wool: sandalwood, sage, violet, or peach pit.  As you tie the wool, say,




“Securita’s power lies inside.


Where this amulet sits, no ghosts may abide.”




Put the token wherever you need it.  Eating leek soup keeps away spirits, too.


By Patricia Telesco