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June 2: Ascension Thursday (Christianity, 2011)

The Capture of Diamond Rock

  • 1774 – Intolerable Acts: To restore imperial control over the Thirteen Colonies, the Parliament of Great Britain passed a second Quartering Act, reenacting a law requiring colonists to provide housing for British soldiers.
  • 1805 – Napoleonic Wars: A Franco-Spanish fleet recaptured Diamond Rock (pictured), an uninhabited island at the entrance to the bay leading to Fort-de-France, from the British.
  • 1910 – Charles Rolls, co-founder of Rolls-Royce Limited, became the first man to make a non-stop double crossing of the English Channel by plane.
  • 1919 – First Red Scare: Anarchist followers of Luigi Galleani set off eight bombs in eight cities across the United States.
  • 1983 – After an emergency landing because of an in-flight fire, twenty-three passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 were killed when a flashover occurred as the plane’s doors opened.
  • 1999 – Bhutan ended its status as the only country in the world to prohibit television when the state-run Bhutan Broadcasting Service came on the air.