Ease The Stress With Aromatherapy Massage

Cypress – 8 drops Lemon – 5 drops Bergamot – 5 drops 1 cup cool water Mix oils into cool water, wring out a cotton cloth in mixture and place over area. Leave compress on for 15 minutes, then replace. Do this 2-3 times daily

* Eases muscular aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation.
* Releases endorphins, the brain’s natural opiates, which encourages a feeling of well being and confidence.

If receiving a massage isn’t possible, self massage can provide many benefits. It can be performed in the bath, car, bed, sitting at a desk, etc. The easiest areas to work are the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.

Below are a few precautions regarding massage:
* Do not have a massage immediately after a meal or if you are feeling unwell or drained of energy.
* Massage should not be done over any areas of skin infection, rashes, cuts, sores, burns or varicose veins.