Spell To Banish Anger

Spell To Banish Anger


Items You Will Need:

One onion

Black Candle

Cleanse an onion in fresh water, consecrate by you for your purpose. During a waxing moon, preferably on a Monday (unless you need to do it sooner) otherwise, Monday for the moon’s emotions.

Take the onion and light your candle. You can carve any protective symbols you wish on the onion to personalize it, or leave it as it is. Remember the onion represents you.

As you sit in the light of the candle, peel the onion, layer by layer, knowing that with each layer you peel, you remove on more layer of pain you hold within yourself, one more layer of hate, anger, rancor or greed.

After you have completed your task, and your onion is completely peeled away, place the remains in a white bowl on your windowsill, in the kitchen, recognizing that the moon’s power will remove the negativity around you, (even if the light of the moon is not visible, it’s the energy and thought that is important).

Once you have finished the spell, take a shower, or bath to cleanse and purify and complete your work. Know you are cleansed.