Your Dark Stars Horoscopes for the Month of June

Your Dark Stars Horoscopes for the Month of June

Jane Lyle, Astrologer


ARIES(March 21st-April 20th)

June’s a hard-working, potentially productive Aries month, especially on the home front. Your dynamic ruler, Mars, is in stubborn Cancer the Crab – and you’re not in the mood to give in easily. Any ongoing stresses and strains at home, or in your relationships, are likely to peak around mid-month, when many of us here on Earth will be feeling quite spiky. It’s a very sensitive phase all round. But if you bear that in mind you’ll (hopefully) avoid falling out with those who matter to you. Do assess any ambitious plans with care, and aim to balance out these rocky times with some light-hearted socialising whenever you can. There’s creative fun and success if you’re publicising a project, or want to enhance your image and profile in some way. Mars in Leo from 1st July – 18th August brings out your fiery summer best, so please don’t tie yourself in knots if things seem sticky this month. A thoughtful approach serves you well until then.


TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Early June brings glimmering inspiration, coincidences, and interesting news. Some of that news links with other countries, or far-away people and places. Invitations, ideas, or even a job offer see you mulling over travel plans – the universe drops big clues about this around the time of the new Moon on 3rd June. Your magnetic ruler, Venus, travels in media chatterbox Gemini from 9th June – 3rd July, bringing a focus on how you communicate your values and desires – plus your connections with people who share your views. Your desire to go shopping is enhanced too. Splashing out to impress others is, of course, unwise at any time, but do keep an especially sharp eye on your spending between 22nd-24th. The chances of disappointment, scams, and online fraud are high around those dates. You’d be better off seeing a beautiful movie, going to a gig, or watching a magic show. You’ll see how illusions and deception have a bewitching face when channelled through entertainment or art. Sharing those experiences with friends lifts you up, and helps you see things in new ways. And, if you’re seeking a special someone, friendship could lead to love.


GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

Gemini season skips along with the Sun in Gemini until 21st June, Venus in Gemini from the 9th, and your very own new Moon in Gemini on 3rd June. Lively times indeed! Your supple mind and quick wit come in handy too, for many of those around you are struggling with serious challenges, turbulent relationships, or stubborn opposition. You can help them see things from an alternative point of view – or at least encourage them to explore other possibilities. Much comes to a head around the full Moon on 17th June, when someone close lets off steam. Expect discussions about money around that time too – particularly if you share a financial commitment or have joint savings of some sort. Being super-cautious with cash is wise now – this is no time for grand gestures or gambling. A whisper of midsummer magic twinkles for you between 21st-24th when your imagination takes flight, and you’re irresistible to others. Making time for the mysterious sparks a little joyful sorcery in your life at that time.


CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

Warrior Mars in Cancer heats up your psyche all month long. You’re keen to challenge close associates or partners, while they in turn seem determined to challenge your views – particularly mid-month. So do think things through, and take the long view (or a martial arts class) if you possibly can. Once the Sun enters Cancer at the Solstice (21st June) you can pick up the pieces and think about celebrating your own personal zodiac year ahead. Late June brings inventive ideas and unusual people your way. So spending time with groups of friends feels good. Doing something just a little outside your comfort zone could be amazing – maybe something as simple as listening to music you don’t normally favour, or, you know, colouring your hair lilac. Whatever, creating surprises for yourself is one way to open up those magical inner portals. And once they’re open, all manner of inspiration can flow freely. Many of you are already feeling the approach of a significant solar eclipse in Cancer on 2nd July – staying curious, flexible, and grounded helps you swim through those lunar seas ahead.


LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

June is a curious mixture. You’ve warmth, fun and laughter, with some fortunate – even romantic – meetings and conversations, particularly around 7th – 11th June. At the same time, you more than welcome some quiet moments, and recharging your inner solar power is also a top priority. Many of you have concerns about someone close, yet don’t have all the information you need to make any clear progress or decisions. Or you may feel held back, or even blocked, by individuals who are supposed to be allies but seem to be working against your interests. A very powerful solar eclipse on 2nd July should shake things up or reveal fresh facets of a complex situation. Sensitive souls are already feeling its approach. You can also look forward to the uplifting arrival of energetic Mars in Leo on 1st July. Mars operates well in Leo, and heats up your summer prospects until 18th August. Play it by ear this June, for very little is final, and there’s much for all of us to rethink or reassess this summer.


VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

Your solar horoscope is all lit up this June, with relationships, family, home, and career vying for your meticulous attention. A major planet pattern between expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune spells inspiration plus confusion – your hunches and your love life could be spot on, lead you up the garden path, or see you running away with the circus. What’s said in the days around both the Gemini new Moon on 3rd June, and the full Moon in Sagittarius on 17th June is interesting, and could be pivotal. And keep an eye out for lucky opportunities and suggestions too – what links you with education, travel, inventions or spiritual quests could see you thinking about a brand new path in life later on this year. Keeping your natural-born practicality in shape is a challenge, but it helps you sort out what’s pure gold from all those seductive possibilities whirling around in your mind. If you’ve tasks to complete here’s a heads up – Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde in July, making July a great time to reconsider things, but not a brilliant time to begin anything new. Get going now, or wait until late summer.



LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

Tantalising news or unexpected meetings bring excitement early in June. But don’t stress if nothing much seems to develop straight away. You may have to wait until August or September to see pleasing results, particularly when it comes to money, funding, or shared financial projects. Your lovely ruler, Venus, enters Gemini on 9th May, brightening up your social life. This is a sparkly phase for communications and travel, a good time to plan a short trip, a course of study, or write your novel. Venus links with generous Jupiter all around the Solstice (21st June), favouring friendship, love, and a sense of humour. Cherish those frothy bits – you do have some deeply serious themes going on this year involving your family, ancestors, and your own past history. Any challenges or changes may feel tough, yet in the longer term you’ll see how these are part of a much bigger pattern. Devoting some quiet thought to what’s going on serves you well, as does a determination to make the very most of all the warmth and light that’s also around you.


SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Fresh thoughts on money and what really matters to you are bubbling up in your mind. So if you’d like to make changes, both the new Moon on 3rd June and the full Moon on 18th June signal opportunities for a rethink – both for yourself, and how you deal with what you share with other people. You’ve much restless creative or romantic energy this month, courtesy of Mars, your traditional ruler, in seawater Cancer. Yet how you channel that energy also benefits from new strategies. Do you think that staying stuck in old patterns might be holding you back? Perhaps you need to look at a love relationship in a different way? Perhaps you’d benefit from exploring or studying something new? Between 9th – 20th June Mars challenges Pluto (your other astrological ruler), and Saturn, signalling a time when suppressed tensions or hidden things surface in your life, and all around you. You may have to let go of something, or back off if you’ve been trying to control a situation. You’ll see how this benefits you by September, so take things slowly and remember to be extra kind to yourself, and others.


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

Your optimistic ruler, Jupiter, backtracks through Sagittarius until 11th August. So it’s a helpful time to review your plans and dreams, and fine-tune them if you need to. Partners, longstanding friends, and allies all bring a fresh eye to any dilemmas you’re wrestling with. And with both Sun and Venus in Gemini this month it’s a great opportunity to ask them for opinions and support. A chatty Gemini new Moon on 3rd June starts the ball rolling, while your own full Moon on 17th June offers another moment when you can clear out what’s not working, or release unhelpful emotions. This whole phase also focuses on your wellbeing – what can you do to feel good about yourself? Minor planet Ceres is in your sign, emphasising themes of nourishment and a renewed interest in the natural world around you. You could become much more concerned with nature, restart abandoned exercise regimes, or simply enjoy a mindful daily walk. Just try not to get too frustrated if things seem slow, we have a summer slow-down (like last year) and must work with the prevailing cosmic weather.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Co-operation with others is vital now. For this isn’t a great time for going it alone, or trying to impose your views on everyone else. People play a pivotal role in your life this year – past connections are especially fascinating. Others may offer you a wonderful opportunity to finally deal with some unfinished business, or help to heal some lurking pain and disappointment. Expect some dynamic conversations, or even conflicts that shake up the status quo and clear the atmosphere – particularly mid-month. Your ruler, Saturn, is reversing through Capricorn until September, slowing progress yet eventually helping you build strong foundations. This June Saturn partners with that idealistic hippie, Neptune, bringing a message of practical dreams, and shifting perspectives into your life. Under these cosmic skies inspiration blooms when you visit beautiful, ancient places or take a walk beside the sea. Music and movies also feed your mind, so do welcome any chance to connect with Neptune’s magical realms. You’re usually sensible enough to avoid getting swept away in a cloud of delusion. Simply keep an open mind, and maybe a dream diary too.


AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

Gemini energy revitalises creativity and flirty fun in June. Beginning a new project around the time of the new Moon on 3rd June could be just the start. Do look out for lucky little boosts to your love life or self-confidence around 9th-11th, and again on 22nd –24th when taking a short trip, or getting together with friends, works out very well. Friends and contacts abroad could also have interesting things to say this month. And all the while Uranus, your eccentric ruling planet, is moving along through practical Taurus. This raises sometimes-surprising questions about security, finances, or even your ancestors or personal DNA. Relax, you’re in a long phase of change and development that January Aquarians may feel more than most right now. Meanwhile, your traditional ruler, Saturn, is busy underlining your responsibilities and values. As a result, some of you are attracted by a more spiritual way of life, while others focus on ways of blending ideals and ambitions to achieve something worthwhile. You’re usually great at seeing the bigger picture, so why not keep exploring? Unusual answers await you in the months ahead.


PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

Your ability to read others’ moods is very powerful this month. So much so that limiting the time you spend with negative people would be wise. You could find yourself drained by them, and lacking energy for your own loved ones and personal life. A link between your two astrological rulers – Jupiter and Neptune – is highlighting your amazing intuition and sensitivity. So you can figure out all manner of things, and enjoy some remarkable hunches. Just remember to check things out with great care, for you’re way more open than usual. This can be hugely positive too, for you attract people who value your work and ideas. They can boost your chances this June, or suggest new possibilities. Again, caution is wise – especially around 7th-10th and 22nd – 24th when it could be hard for you to say what you mean, or others could mislead you in love, at work, or financially. Mars in Cancer offers you some sexy and dynamic energy in June. There’s much pleasure and progress, just pay close attention to current planetary terms and conditions and you’ll thrive.


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