Protective Turquoise Spell for All Pets


A Traditional Protective Turquoise Spell for All Pets, from horses to hamsters.

If you choose only one protection crystal, make it turquoise. Down the ages and in different lands, turquoise has been tied to animals’ collars to prevent them from straying or being stolen. It is also traditionally plaited into a horse’s bridle or mane to guard it against stumbling. You can keep a small turquoise attached to a small animal or bird cage.

Items You Will Need:

A small turquoise of any quality



The Spell:

Empower the turquoise by leaving it outdoors for 24 hours at any time from the Full Moon to the end of the moon cycle to absorb protective sun-moon- and starlight.

Attach the turquoise to the animal’s collar, cage or hutch.

Wash and re-empower the turquoise crystal monthly.