Full Moon Energy-Cleansing Carpet Powder

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Full Moon Energy-Cleansing Carpet Powder

Approximate Hands-on Time: 10 minutes

I hate to admit this, but I only clean my home about three times a year. Energy cleaning, that is! Being a Pagan in modern day can sometimes get a little tricky.  With eight Sabbats and twelve full moons a year (thirteen on a Blue Moon year!), plus grounding, chakra balancing, and various other spells, a witch gets pretty busy! (Because, you know, life!) Unfortunately, this means the important practice of cleansing a home’s energy often gets put on the back burner. Who has time for smudging when we barely have time to shower?!

So, how does a witch keep a home physically and energetically clean while still making it to tarot class on time? Full Moon Energy-Cleansing Carpet Powder!

The beauty of this fragrant moon-blessed carpet powder is that it not only dispels negative energy and invokes positive energy, but it does so while you’re vacuuming! Who doesn’t love a double duty task? Another added benefit? Your home will smell fresh and flowery without any toxic chemicals! And since you only need to use a light sprinkle per room, one batch will last several months!

What You’ll Need:

-A jar or plastic container
-2 cups baking soda
-1/2 cup dried lavender
-1/2 cup dried sage
-1/2 cup dried chamomile
-2 Tablespoons sandalwood powder

How to Conjure:

★Put the lavender, sage, and chamomile in a pestle and grind into powder. You may also use a spice/coffee grinder or a plastic bag and rolling pin. It doesn’t have to be ultra-fine powder, just broken up.

★Thoroughly mix the herb blend with the baking soda and sandalwood. Pour the mixture into your container.

★Take your mixture outside (or by a moonlit window) and say:

Moon above, earth below;
Bless and cleanse my loving home.
In every pinch of this powder blend;
Positivity granted, negativity cleansed.

★Leave the covered jar outside or on a windowsill overnight. Use your Energy Cleansing Powder by lightly sprinkling it over your carpet or rug and giving it a few minutes to work its magick before vacuuming it up. Please use with caution around animals. Because they lick their feet (and baking soda is high in sodium!!), you’ll want to keep them out of the room until you’ve had a chance to vacuum.

This spell makes a great new-home present! And since it easily doubles (or triples. Or quadruples, etc, etc) you can keep a batch on hand for a last minute holiday or just-because gift. Put it in a recycled jar or pretty mason jar, tie a ribbon or raffia around the top, and you’ll have a beautiful, thoughtful gift that will delight any domestic goddess (and make you look like the Pagan Martha Stewart!).



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