Divine Feminine Ritual To Brigit: “The Flame of Inspiration”

“The Flame of Inspiration”

Brigit is the Celtic Triple Goddess of healing, smithcraft and poetry. A Goddess beloved by the people, Brigit is a fire goddess who comes to the aid of those who call on her. You can also look to her for inspiration and help with creative projects of all kinds, as we do here. Brigit’s sacred day is Imbolc on February 1, marking the beginning of springtime and a noticeable return of the light.

The Ritual:
Result of performing this ritual: Inspiration from your Essence (Higher Self) for a creative project or a solution to a life challenge.

The creative drive is in each of us; creativity is a fundamental part of being human. You are always creating, all the time, whether you are aware of it or not! Throughout our lives, we have those projects that MUST be birthed – those projects that come with a creative urge that is so overwhelming that we can think of nothing else.

And yet – it is these projects that are often the most difficult. Risky. We wind up blocked, with sometimes years going by with our creative dreams on the shelf.

The creative projects that are closest to our soul are usually the ones that bring forward the most resistance. Use this ritual to draw forth creative inspiration from your Essence (your Higher Self or Divine self), as well as the spark and passion to start the project, or bring it to completion. It can also be used when you need to tap into your creativity for a solution to a problem or challenge in your life.

What you’ll need:
• A safe place where you can place and light a candle, such as your altar; ideally located in your creative space and where you can leave the candle burning while you are in it. A workspace or office is perfect.
• A candle in a color associated with Brigit. White, yellow and red are all traditional colors, or go with what speaks to you. 7-day jar candles are great, as you can leave them burning for longer periods of time.
• Slips of paper, for writing your creative Desires.
• A small fireproof bowl, for burning the papers.
• Matches or a lighter
• Tweezers, for holding the paper as it burns (so you don’t burn your fingers!)• Journal and pen, for capturing ideas.

Step ONE: Create sacred space however you usually do – circle casting, smudging, singing bowl, etc.

Step TWO: Charge your candle. Holding it in both hands, close your eyes and bring the energy of Brigit to your awareness – imagine her image (if you are visual), hear her (auditory) or feel her presence (kinesthetic). Call her by saying:

Aho Goddess Brigit, Bright Arrow, Goddess of the Flame, Healer, Maker, Muse. Bring me your Inspiration; connect me to the endless well of wisdom, passion and creativity. With this candle I call forward the inspiration and answers I seek, and the courage and energy to bring all of my creations to life. So more it be.

Step THREE:Light your candle, creating the flame as an extension of Brigit’s sacred flame. (This is done by simply intending it to be so. If you are visual, you might imagine Brigit lighting the candle as you do so.)

Step FOUR: Clarify your outcome. Take a slip of paper and write the outcome you wish to create – “Completed first chapter of new novel” or “Completed module of new online program” “Project plan for next launch.” (You can choose the scope of the outcome; however this exercise works best when the scope is small – “chunk down” bigger creative projects into smaller steps.)

Step FIVE:Activate inspiration. Using the tweezers so you don’t burn your fingers, use the candle to light the piece of paper, letting it fall into your fireproof bowl. Call forward inspiration from Brigit’s flame, saying:
As this paper burns, so shall I receive the exact inspiration, ideas and guidance needed to bring this project to completion.

As the paper burns, Let GO of any tension, frustration or “grasping” for creative answers. Feel gratitude in your body for the project already completed; feeling and experiencing it as done. When you are ready, say: It is done.

SIX: Expect the answer. From here, go about your life! Release any more conscious search for the solution, instead holding unshakable expectation that the creative answers you seek are already on their way to you. Leave the candle burning while you go about your activities in your creative space – this cultivates the energy of inspiration and passion. Extinguish and re-light – do not leave lit candles burning unattended! When you re-light the candle, recreate the flame by intending it to be Brigit’s flame, as you did before in Step 3 above.

Step SEVEN: Receive, take action and give thanks! Your inspiration and answers will come in while your conscious mind is occupied, so it’s crucial that you remain unattached and OUT of “churning” mode! Have your notebook handy or a way of capturing the “Goddess Winks” (Divine inspiration) that you receive, and take action on what you’ve been given by making time to create as quickly as possible, after it comes in.

This ritual is great to perform right before you go to sleep as a dream incubation ritual. Keep your notebook right by your bedside, so you can write your answers upon waking. You can also keep the candle burning on a regular basis, using the ritual to quickly call in creative solutions as needed!


Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor and magical teacher to thousands of conscious women around the world, showing them how to develop their Divinely-given manifesting power, especially in the realm of money. She is the founder of Goddess Business School®, which delivers premiere business training to women who are ready to own their worth so they can create extraordinary impact. A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions, Elizabeth is also the creator of Feminine Magic®, a set of practices for women to develop their ability to magnetize their deepest Desires. Discover more of her work and the 7-Figure Goddess community at ElizabethPurvis.com

Ritual from PDF from Sistership Circle