Divine Feminine Ritual To Artemis: “Become the Archer”

“Become the Archer”

Artemis is the Greek goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. Call on her for protection, clarity, focus, and innocence.

The Ritual:
Result of performing this ritual: Clarity of direction, courage to walk forward, and trust in your own counsel.

Inside each one of us is a maiden Archer. She is beholden to no one, a woman unto herself. Brave, fierce, and unapologetic, the Artemis Archetype can help you leave behind the parts of your life that no longer resonate and aim true for your evolutionary path.

Artemis is bold. She is feisty. She is within you, as she is within every woman. Call upon her when it is time to lean into self-trust, to cultivate courage in the face of fear, and take inspired action. Artemis will help you hunt for beauty, magic, and breathe life into your dreams.

This ritual will help you invoke her energy through the fire of release and invocation.

What you’ll need:
• A safe place to do a fire ritual, such as a burning bowl, fireplace, large cauldron, or empty metal trash bin
• A number of small sticks (no longer than 6 or 7 inches)
• Paper, cut or torn into strips
• A pen
• Matches or a lighter

Step ONE: Let go. First, write situations, people, thought patterns, identities, roles, habits and/or other things you wish to fully release from your life; one per each strip of paper. Be mindful that you only conduct this ritual on behalf of yourself, so you are not releasing anything for anyone else – simply your tie/cord to them or to the circumstance.

Step TWO: Create your arrows. Once you have written everything you intend to release, gently roll the strips of paper onto a stick, like you are curling the paper with a pencil. You can wrap several on each stick. Set these sticks in a pile.

Step THREE:What are you aiming for? It’s time to shoot for the stars. What do you want to be true? What do you desire? What will enter into the space that you’re creating with what you’ve just released? Write out your visions, one per strip of paper.

Step FOUR:Add to the quiver. Just as you did in Step TWO, wrap your visions around another set of sticks, several (or more) per stick. When you are complete, stack these sticks together in a separate group.

Step FIVE:Aim True. With your lighter or match, hold one of the sticks from the RELEASE pile and ignite the strips of paper. Place the stick (aka Arrow) into your burning bowl or fireplace. As it burns, carefully place the remaining release arrows into the fire. Help them ignite them if need be. Hold the intention that freeing yourself from these situations is for the best and highest good of all beings. Once all the release arrows are burned, follow suit with your arrows of vision. One by one, unleash your visions into the fire to liberate yourself from expectation and limitation as to how these visions may appear in your life. The universe/Source/Goddess/The Divine/God has much larger perspective than you or I… as humans, we nearly always dream too small. Burning your visions creates a vibrational frequency that is emitted out into the Field, and there are countless ways for resonance to then materialize. Allow for surprises. Trust.

Step SIX:Completion. When all the sticks/papers have burned and the heat is ebbing from the ashes, take a small pinch of the cinder and rub it into your palms, then gently blow on your skin. This serves to ground your vision, to bring your liberation and desire fully into your body, and completes the alchemical process that occurs when fire, air, water, and earth meet.

Step SEVEN:Gratitude. Thank your spiritual and human allies, the archetype of Artemis, Great Spirit, and/or anyone else it resonates to appreciate. You are supported in seen and unseen ways as you become your highest self here on earth. It is important to thank the beings that bring you power, comfort, guidance, and release so that you can enjoy a lifelong relationship with all that is Sacred.


May your arrows find their target and serve the highest good of All. Aho and blessed be.


Lola Medicine Keeper is a modern-day Shaman – a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Her irreverently effective work has earned her the description “bulletproof coffee meets tribal elder.” She offers shamanic play retreats around the globe and mentors a VIP group of apprentices in the art & practice of wildly rich living. Lola is mom to two wild babes, married to the sacred masculine, and she believes ecstatic curiosity is the key to all that’s holy. Feel up her work by subscribing to the Wild Playground Podcast and visiting her online sanctuary at wildplayground.com


Ritual from PDF from Sistership Circle