~ Cleansing in the Shower ~

~ Cleansing in the Shower ~

When we awaken for the day, our energies are ethereal and our minds saturated with the energy of the dreaming. Begin your day  by hopping into the shower or bath, yet don’t let it be a physical or bodily cleansing alone. We are blessed to have access to clean and purifying water and  should pay attention to this, honor this, and utilize it for the most spiritual purposes possible. As the bathwater is draining, or as the water from the  showerhead cleanses you for the day, meditate on water and what it represents as an element. Water is attuned to emotions, the psychic body, and the astral  plane. Allow the morning routine to be a profoundly cleansing, spiritual process to prepare you for the day. While cleansing, say something like:

  I connect to the undines and the element of water. May this cleansing purify my body and mind, preparing me to dance with the spirals of reality throughout  the day. I honor water, and this cleansing ritual between the dreaming and waking life. So mote it be.

by….. Raven Digitalis