Life As The Witch – Recognizing Our Goddess, HEKATE (Hecate)

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Hekate: A Modern Implications

These days, Hekate is often still seen as the Goddess of Witchcraft and Dark Magick, a Dark Crone, because of her connection to the line between life and death. Her chthonic roots are attributed to her aspects as a Death Goddess, but in truth she is not solely death aspected. Her nature is one of transformation, and though change can be terrifying and damaging, it can also be beatific. To think of Her only as a chthonic, Underworld Goddess is to ignore part of her nature.

These days we too often see things in terms of diametric, opposites (light/dark, masculine, feminine, God/Goddess, as if the vast universe is written in binary, nothing more than ones and zeros. While these dichotomies play a role in the nature of the universe, they are also simplified depictions. Deity cannot be contained in the use of dichotomy, because deity transcends those terms.

Hekate is neither light nor dark; she is the very scale of graduation, present at the exact point at which one type of gray becomes another, between every gradient and at either end of the spectrum. Each change is her territory, and there are billions of transformations every day.

Hekate’s connection to magic is another aspect of her nature. Through magic we take what is only potential and pull it into reality, imprinting the mundane world with what could be. And this is one of the biggest changes of all, the transformation for which Hekate has always been particularly revered. Magick is transformation, and it’s from this that Hekate’s association with it is.

In invoking Heckate we can learn to accept changes in our lives, both positive and negative, and we can also create change in our own worlds. She aids the completion and manifestation of spells and when called for divinatory purposes she can help to reveal the truth more readily. She can part the Veil, to allow clearer vision or communion with the dead. Hekate is a protector of children, especially when they walk hard paths, but also in the journey into adulthood.

Hekate guards the crossroads, both those that line our physical reality and those that mark our passage through life, through our spirituality, and through the journey that is existence.


Excerpt from:”The Transformative Nature of Hekate”

by Marion Sipe

Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Living Companion


2 thoughts on “Life As The Witch – Recognizing Our Goddess, HEKATE (Hecate)

  1. Change my body….Her power is one of the most heaviest, beautiful I’ve ever known. When I have asked for assistance at a crossroads, she doesn’t hesitate to lay it all out or hide it all for the sake of “something more”. And many many times I’ve not been happy knowing the path I’ve had to take. I’m now coming out of a path that has crossed with others (which looking at it non-diametrically is amazing because their paths only affect us not really have too much to do with us… others paths seem to make up a greater whole or something). Changed my life. What’s been amazing to learn is being drawn to her is soooo powerful. It usually means she will give us the greatest strength we thought we never had for a turning point or will hold our hands and show us why it seems so hard. Sometimes I imagine her at the crossroads by my house spinning like a tornado, and if you’re lucky you’re pulled into the calm center, yet you’re just as lucky to spin in the debris to become stronger! Either way, her roles are endless and blessed. I’ll never forget when I heard “leave your libations”. It was like a mother singing with force! But she’s hard to see as “mother”. Either way, she’s the most passionate Goddess and leaving her libations is not a light thing! I’ve only worked with a few other Goddesses, and I’m not sure why my path is going this way but I’m trusting the lights ahead! I sure hope you find your lights ahead! Sorry to babble it’s just rare to meet others working with Her in my area 🙂


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