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Living Life As The Witch

Those Little Nasty Creatures In The Shadows

If you have followed The Craft for any length of time, you’ve seen all the wonderful and beautiful things that has happened since you started joining this Path. Along with all the wonders you will see, keep in mind that there is also dark, nasty, little Shadow creatures out there.

These little creatures exist, in the invisible world that parallels our own, living creatures. Unlike creatures from our world, they lack physical form, and feed on energy instead of matter. They are as varied as the animal life on our world. Their power ranges from the equivalent of insects and rodents to the equivalent of magickally trained humans, and beyond to the Great Old Ones.

These creatures feed on energy. Most are content to graze on the random energy fields that leak from humans and other creatures in our world. Others, however, are a little most sinister. These, the ones you have to worry about, they are referred to as the Shadows.

Shadows comes in three basic varieties. First are the little ones that feed off the energy in negative emotions. If you are emitting strong negativity, they will be drawn to you like flies to rotten meat. If you aren’t magickally protect, they will happily latch onto your energy field (aura). They are usually not much more troublesome than leeches or mosquitoes; however, a thousand leeches could weaken a person severely.

Next is the more dangerous variety, more like rats or vultures than mosquitoes. These are attracted both by negative emotions and the energy of magickal workings. They are stronger, and can push past weak or flawed defenses to get to you. And they are much harder to peel loose once they have their teeth into you.

Last are those of the intelligent variety. Their favorite meal is human life energy, the heart-fire that burns in each of us. They are relatively rare even in their own realm, but they exist. The terms “Imp,” “Evil Spirit” and “Demon” are fairly accurate. They are very strong. The more intelligent ones are capable of working their own magick to breach your defenses. The most intelligent variety, being as lazy as humans, prefers to talk you into dropping your defenses and linking your energy field to theirs. They also are capable (if someone is helpful enough to open a doorway for them) of entering our world. Once here, if they can get past all your defenses unless you are very strong at warding. They can enter your body and will feast at will even asserting a degree of control over you. Yes, this is exactly like the old stories of Demon possession.

Don’t laugh you can be a Vampire, your best friend, the average Joe on the street:

They exist in this world of evil creatures. They are highly intelligent, capable of working magick, and extremely devious. They are capable of not only psychic magickal attacks, but physical ones as well. As a species, they tend to be amoral, murderous animals. Humans who are capable of feeding off the energies of another human is a “Psychic Vampire.” They do this to gain more magickal power, to control others, or to replace the energies they are losing by dealing with the Shadows. Some humans can even do this while traveling astrally. So that Evil Spirit that tried to get into your last circle may not have been from the other site, it could have been your next door neighbor. For real, lol!


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  1. This true and it was neighborly! Sheesh. Personally, I prefer the term dark beings because shadow is the balance of dark and light, which is where our lessons lay… These dark creatures are very much like this! When you see or sense one around a person, don’t let them in your house! I’ve learned my lesson! They think that if you befriend the human then they can “work” with you. For me they present themselves in the demon shape or imp. So, to write this summation so blunt and to the point is great to read! It needs to be out there. And when you’re sick of the body, check your astral body too! Humans are waking up to the realities and so I appreciate this post so much for putting it out there! It’s real but no fear, fear is their greatest power and ours, I believe, is knowledge or awakening (shedding light). Knowing we chose fear, knowing the world, knowing energies… well they just can’t feed then can they?!Great post!!!!!


  2. I just wrote a small post about little fear-eaters and the fact that they seem to be more prevalent than ever before. I was putting it down to a combination of my own confidence (confidence = power, of course) increasing and the general feeling of doom and gloom among the masses. They will wiggle through the tiniest holes in a ward or protection. If you intent wavers for a moment when weaving your protections they will find it. Nasty little things.


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