Feng Shui Tip for Dec. 9th – ‘Worldwide Candle Lighting Day’

If you got ’em, go ahead and light ’em because today is ‘Worldwide Candle Lighting Day.’ Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways Feng Shui says that candles can illuminate certain aspirations in your life. For starters, this philosophy prescribes lighting a pair of pink candles in the ‘Romance’ area of your main floor or bedroom in order to light the way for a perfect partner of the happily ever after kind. Lighting nine red candles in the ‘Fame’ area is believed to bring plenty of recognition and reward while also heating up opportunities to create a more fabulous future. A group called ‘The Compassionate Friends’ asks each of us to light a candle on this night at seven o’clock in remembrance of all the children who have died at any age from any cause. This day is set aside to commemorate the memory of wee ones who have left the world too soon. Today you can participate in a worldwide event that promises that you can be the light that you were born to be.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com