Living The Life of a Witch – Magick Starts With You

Magick Starts With You

Magick is natural. Magick requires effort. You will only receive what you actually place into it. Magick is usually not instantaneous. Spells require time to be effective. Magick is divine act. Magick is knowledge – not only of its ways or laws, but also of its effectiveness. Don’t believe magick works, Know it does. Magick is Love. The moment anger, hate or jealousy enters your magick, you endanger yourself and those around you. Love yourself and others, always considering free will. For to take the free will of another away, is to control – and magick is about love, free will and freedom, not control.  Better yourself, bring good things to you, but consider the consequences before casting. Use the magickal energy that the universe is made up of for good. And be sure that it harms none – not even yourself!


Excerpt from:

Spellbound’s Book of Spells
A Collection of Simple Spells, Volume I
Kelli James Klymenko