Daily Feng Shui Tip for Nov. 21 – ‘World Television Day’

Tune in, turn on and get a leg up on the competition all by using this powerful and effective visualization. On ‘World Television Day’ you’ll want to  use an image of a TV to help you turn your dreams into reality. In your mind’s eye, imagine a television screen hovering over your head. In the screen, in the ‘bigger picture,’ put an image or scene from your life as it currently appears to you. In the lower left-hand corner, replace that image with a dream that you’d like to see manifest. Breathe in through the mouth, and then blow out through your mouth four big breathes into the smaller version. Watch the dream sequence become larger while the original image fades away. Once you have completely filled the screen with your dream, blow another four big breathes into the imaginary TV and allow the entire visual to disappear. Do this once a day for nine days straight and you’ll soon be happily directing all the episodes of your life.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com