Daily Motivator for November 18 – When You Care

When you care

The way to be strong is to care. The way to be informed is to care, and to do  something about what you care about.

The way to be competent, effective, persuasive, inspiring and successful is  to care about what you’re doing. Life responds in a positive way when you take a  real, authentic interest and invest yourself in it.

It isn’t what you’re doing that determines whether you’re wasting your time.  It’s how much care you put into what you’re doing that matters.

When you make the task meaningful, it will be meaningful. When you truly  care, and act on what you care about, you’re able to create value in any  situation.

Do what you care about, and care about what you do. Be a real, live, genuine,  original person, and not just an automaton.

Give care to each moment, each task, each person, and each experience. Life’s  best possibilities are fulfilled when you truly care.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator