Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 13

Being too assertive in the early hours is bound to create fatigue and stress since the dark-of-the-moon vibrations are reaching a crescendo. This extreme, waning lunar energy is good for resting, sleeping and meditating, but not terrific for taking great leaps forward.  It would be advisable to gear up for tomorrow’s Chiron station and shift in Pisces — from reverse to direct. Helping you build bridges of trust and faith with dear ones, friends and neighbors is a subtle and yet still supportive, 30-degree link from Chiron to Uranus (9:24AM PST).  The Scorpio New Moon (2:09PM PST) is followed four minutes later (2:13PM PST) by a Total Solar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Scorpio. Nearly simultaneously, Venus makes a potent, 135-degree liaison with Chiron (2:12PM PST). This implies that millions of human souls are hurting, but also looking to their fellow earthlings for guidance, nurturing and support. Use your words to heal — not harm. Find novel ways to assist the truly needy and disenfranchised.  Accentuate crystal clear thinking to offset fuzzy analysis of reality as Mercury squares Neptune (4:04PM PST). With Mercury in reverse and Neptune barely in the plus column of direct motion, it is easy to swoon into a state of confusion and internal chaos that can lead you astray from key goals and plans.  Adding to the strange dynamics going on right now is Mercury heading back into Scorpio (11:43PM PST) until December 10.