Feng Shui TIp for November for November 10th

This is a good point in this calendar to remind you that solar, planetary alignments and celestial events that happen on one day don’t necessarily disappear the following day. Therefore, last night’s Neptune station and powerhouse at 1 degree of Pisces is still making waves throughout humanity. This Neptunian wave can equate with many of yesterday’s archetypes and themes still being played with great magnification.  Of course, today’s actual alignments are a top priority and this includes an early inspirational rapport coming from the Moon in Libra trine to Jupiter in Gemini (1:14AM PST) and a wonderful, enriching Moon-Venus union (6:14AM PST) that may be associated with a rise in loving sensitivity between dear ones.  This glowing sense that anything is possible and that favorable vibes are in control may be an illusion because the Moon parallels Saturn (11:54AM PST), Mercury makes an abrasive, 45-degree link to Venus (12:13PM PST), the Sun forms a feisty, 135-degree contact with revolutionary Uranus (4:22PM PST) while the Moon parallels Neptune (5:27PM PST). This quartet of sky patterns can certainly rattle your nerves — especially the Sun-Uranus interaction.  A Moon-Mars supportive, 60-degree liaison (9:14PM PST) attempts to remedy the situation and create an aura of vitality and strength, but this aspect also begins a six-hour, lunar void zone that lasts until 3:11AM PST tomorrow morning when the Moon enters the intense waters of Scorpio. Keep overnight decision-making to the bare minimum to avoid compounding mistakes.