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Balloon Magick

By Melanie Marquis

They star in parades. They stand out at parties. They can bring both smiles and tears in seconds, and they float through the sky inspiring wonder and curiosity. Balloons are indeed magickal, both as delightful objects to amuse us and as powerful mediums for effective spell casting.

As a kid, getting a balloon brought mixed emotions. On one side, there’s the happiness and excitement of having the balloon in hand to hold and toss about, but on the other side, anxiety and anticipated sadness regarding the balloon’s certain eventual fate. A world of fun while intact and inflated, but bursting suddenly at the slightest prick from a pin, balloons show us that reality is temporary and can be changed in a heartbeat. Balloons teach us to enjoy what we can’t hold forever, while we can hold it. It’s no wonder why balloons incite our fascination, and using them magickally has benefits.

Working with the same old spell mediums time and again can get repetitive, and balloons offer an unusual means for casting many types of magick. When we switch up our routines, our rituals become more enjoyable and we are more likely to be full-fledged participants in the magickal process. Manipulating candles for the thousandth time for example, it makes it easy to simply go through the motions without really working the magick. But with uncommon novelty of balloons at the altar, the Witch’s attention is focused and interest is piqued, making for powerful spell casting energy. If you’re looking for something different to add to your magickal repertoire, grab a bag of balloons and get popping.

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