Definitions of Medical Action

Definitions of Medical Action



Alterative  produces a healthful change without perception 
Anodyne  pain reliever 
Anthelmintic  expels worms 
Aperient  gentle laxative 
Aromatic  stimulant; spicy 
Astringent  Causes contractions; stops discharges 
Antibiliouse  relieves bile 
Antimetic  Stops vomiting 
Antileptic  relieves fits 
antiperiodic  arrests morbid periodic movements 
Anthilic  prevents forming of stones in the urinary organs 
Antirheumatic  cures rheumatism 
Antiscorbutic  cures and prevents scurvy 
Antiseptic  stops purification. 
Antispasmodic  relieves and prevents spasms 
Antisyphilitic  cures venereal diseases 
Carminative  expels gas 
Cathartic  expels from the bowels 
Cephalic  remedies used in diseases of the head 
Cholagogue  Increases the flow of bile 
Condiment  improves the flavor of food 
Demulcent  soothing, relieves inflammation 
Deobstruent  removes obstructions 
Depurative  blood purifier 
Detergent  Cleanses boils, ulcers, wounds, etc. 
Diaphoretic  produces perspiration 
Discutiend  heals tumors 
Diuretic  Increases secretion and flow of urine 
Emetic  promotes vomiting 
Emmenagogue  promotes menstruation 
Emollient  softens and soothes inflammation 
Esculent  edible as food 
Exanthematous  remedy for skin eruptions and diseases 
Expectorant  causes expectoration (coughing) 
Febrifuge  ends and reduces fevers. 
Hepatic  for liver diseases 
Herpatic  for skin diseases of all types 
Laxative  Promotes bowel action 
Lithontryptic  Dissolves calculi in the urinary organs. 
Naturating  ripens and brings boils to a head 
Mucilaginous  Soothing to inflammation 
Nauseant  produces vomiting 
Nervine  acts on the nervous system; stops nervous excitement 
Opthalmicum  for eye diseases. 
Parturient  induces and promotes labor at childbirth 
Pectoral  for chest affections 
Refrigerant  cooling 
Resolvent  destroys tumors and boils 
Rubifacient  increases circulation and produces red skin 
Sedative  a nerve tonic; promotes sleep 
Sialogogue  Increases secretion of saliva 
Stomatic  Strengthens the stomach. Relieves indigestion. 
Styptic  stops bleeding 
Sudorific  produces profuse perspiration 
Tonic  invigorating and strengthening. 
Vermifuge  expels worms from the system