Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 31

Halloween 2012 provides some relief, productive opportunities, hope and joy, and a little trickery. The relief comes from the exceedingly long void lunar cycle in Taurus — that began on Monday and continued throughout Tuesday — to end at 11:41AM PDT today with the arrival of airy, adaptable Gemini Moon.  The productive opportunities are inherent in Ceres at 4 degrees of Cancer (8:47AM PDT) shifting from direct to retrograde motion — a reversal that will last until February 4, 2013. All Ceres themes — Mother Nature, parent-child relationship (especially between mother and daughter), nutrition and food, agriculture and gardening, productivity, grains and cereals, caregivers, drought and scarcity of natural resources — are emphasized not just at the exact moment of the station, but throughout the day. Take a good look at your diet and make sensible alterations where necessary. Lend a helping hand to shut-ins, the elderly and anyone who needs a little nurturing. Don’t let a square from Venus to Ceres (7:53AM PDT) interfere with your best efforts.  The hope and joy factors can come from the Moon in Gemini making a flowing trine to Venus in Libra (8:34PM PDT). Find novel ways to express your various artistic and literary talents.  Watch out for some evening tricks rather than treats as Mars forms a dicey, 45-degree to Saturn (11:32PM PDT). Say no to risky behavior and allow the lunar emphasis on Gemini to assist you in enjoying reading, writing and working on constructive research projects.