Moon Moon, Mother Moon – The Full Moon

Moon Moon, Mother Moon

A Column By GrannyMoon, HPS, Order of the White Moon

The Full Moon
When the Moon is completely illuminated in the sky and looks like  a sphere, she represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect, as Isis, Inanna, Selene, Demeter, just to name a few. The Full Moon is when a witch  may feel the most powerful. Traditionally the time of the month  when witches gather, it’s a good time for casting spells outwardly  and for celebrating all the gifts and glory of the Goddess.   Sing and dance in praise of the Ancient Mother Goddess under  the Full Moon.

Try conjuring now, for artistic endeavors; beauty, health, and fitness; change and decisions; children; competition; dreams; families;  health and healing; knowledge; legal undertakings; love and romance; money; motivation; protection; self-improvement.

A Full Moon increases perception and is an ideal time to prepare  and use potions that increase the psychic abilities. A time when  spells and plans come to fruition. Take a moment to breathe deeply  and slowly. The Goddess is within each of us. Listen to your Inner  Wisdom and walk a path that nourishes your spirit.

A witch’s kitchen should never be without a lunar calendar showing  the phases of the moon.  Once you understand her monthly cycle of  growth, fruition, and decline, you can use the moon’s phase in your own spiritual practice and spellwork.