Daily Motivator for October 29 – Get on with living

Get on with living

Avoid trouble, but not so much that you avoid life. Anticipate possible  problems, but don’t obsess over them so much that you miss the  opportunities.

When you set out on an ambitious path, there are plenty of things that might  go wrong. Prepare yourself to deal with those possible pitfalls, but don’t allow  them to become excuses even before they become reality.

Don’t let yourself be stopped by what might not even happen. Rather, let  yourself be pushed forward by the positive value of what you intend to achieve,  to experience, to create.

Put your time and effort into growing stronger, more capable, more  experienced and effective. Focus your thoughts not on worrying about what might  stand in your way, but on visualizing where you desire to go.

You’ve already made your way through every challenge to date. You have every  reason to be confident that you can successfully deal with whatever life sends  your way.

There are plenty of reasons and ways to be careful, yet there’s no reason to  constantly live in fear. Go ahead and get on with living a positive, meaningful  life.

— Ralph Marston

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