At Samhain, the Witches’ New Year, we remember our past, including departed loved ones and friends. We also plan for the future with new hopes, dreams and ambitions. Part of creating a good future is releasing the negative energies of the past.

Find a safe place to light a bonfire, cauldron fire or several orange and black candles. Carve one orange candle with the Rune symbol for Signals and one black candle with Gateway. Set up your Altar and close the Circle as usual.

Perform the following meditation:

Gaze deeply into the flames and relax, calling up memories of your past. Greet long gone friends and ancestors, asking them what knowledge or wisdom they can offer you for the future. Listen carefully to their advice and suggestions, give thanks and move on.

Recall the highs and lows of the past year. Compliment yourself on your successes and forgive your failures. Bring positive images closer and brighter and make negative thought recede into the background. Release any negative energy you feel towards yourself or others for mistakes. Move on.

Picture the coming year as you would like it to be – prosperous, filled with health, love and satisfaction. Envision friends and loved ones happy and successful in their own way. Give this year a colour or colours of your choice, or even your personal colour. Picture this colour casting a glow over the upcoming year. Raise your chalice and give thanks saying:

“Out with the old, in with the new, the coming year will make dreams come true. Great thanks and blessed be.”

Drink from your chalice and return to the present. Write the above affirmation or any messages you received in black ink on your parchment paper. Wrap the Samhain herbs in the paper, add the stones, place it on the fabric square and tie it with the ribbon. Cleanse and charge the talisman as describe. Give thanks and Open the Circle.

Later on, after you have finished the ritual, find a stone and paint it the colour you chose to symbolize the coming year. Write the date on the stone e. g. 2012. Put the stone in a noticeable place and when you see it, recall the dreams and hopes you envisioned for the New Year. Blessed Be and Happy New Year!

“Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony”
Holly Zurich