Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 27th

This calendar has been in existence since 1981 and as each Full Moon approaches a reminder is often given out to make preparations for this monthly crest in the solar-lunar wave. Therefore, since the next Full Moon — energizing Scorpio and Taurus will be happening on Monday October 29 — it is recommended to prepare for the enlightening vibrations during the next 48 hours.  You can do this by being an ambassador of goodwill, especially since the Moon in Aries has just joined forces with exhilarating Uranus and moving into a trine in fire signs with the red planet Mars in Sagittarius (5:45PM PDT). Fun-filled activities, games and sports are in the hopper.  Tune into an air of enthusiasm as the Moon forms a resourceful, 60-degree link with giant Jupiter (6:33PM PDT). This latter lunar aspect also begins a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 11:16PM PDT tomorrow. Although this is a long stretch of time — when it is best to finish old business on a high note instead of launching new plans — healing forces are back on the march as the Sun trines Chiron (8:51PM PDT). Learn more about advances on the cutting edge of science and alternative medicine.