Your Weekend Love Horoscopes For October 26 ~ 28

Weekend Love Horoscopes

October 26 – 28: Love in the Now

Jeff Jawer

Jeff Jawer on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

It’s time for radical change and new experiences as the Moon enters pioneering Aries on Friday afternoon. Sticking to familiar faces and places could be boring now, so spice up your personal life by exploring different scenes and experimenting with activities you’ve never tried before. Impatience and independence are kicked up to an even higher level that evening with an evocative lunar conjunction to rebellious Uranus. Late night surprises can suddenly alter moods and expose unexpected feelings.

Luckily, Saturday’s energy is mellower when the Moon aligns favorably with energetic Mars and enthusiastic Jupiter in the evening. Take risks and live life more adventurously now. Throwing yourself into physical activities is a fantastic way to tap into these positive planetary forces. Yet there is a chance that we could go too far or try too hard since Mars opposes Jupiter early on Sunday. Promising too much or pushing past the limits of reason can be exciting and fun, but may prove embarrassing when reality returns.

Romance gets a major boost on Sunday morning when amorous Venus enters her airy home sign Libra. A real sense of partnership emerges as desire for collaboration grows. Celebrate this beautiful transit by considering the needs of others and co-creating a peaceful world together. Compromise is not wimpy; it’s love.