Calendar of the Sun for October 25th

Calendar of the Sun

25 Winterfyllith

Selket’s Day

Colors: Bronze and Black
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of black place a bronze figurine of a scorpion, and four black candles.
Offerings: Help someone who is a troublemaker.
Daily Meal: Lentils, flatbread, millet, pomegranates.

Invocation to Selket

Lady of the Scorpion’s Whip,
Implacable one, hardest of the Four Deaths,
Sun of the unforgiving desert at high noon,
You blast down upon all wrongdoing
And show those wrongs in their true light.
Lady of the Poison Tail,
You are entrusted with those souls
Who have not done what they should do,
Who have spurned the path they were meant to walk,
Who have struggled and lashed out,
Who have caused hurt and pain to others.
Your firm hand takes them in, guides them
To see what they have done through eyes
Unclouded by their own pain,
And leads them to a place of understanding
And perhaps repentance. And yet,
There is something of this is all of us,
Some part of each that needs your guiding hand
Lest we think ourselves too perfect
And become uncompassionate in our pride.
Lady of the Scorpion’s Whip,
Sting us to the heart, and show us
That poison still within us,
That we may better learn to ride its strike,
That we may better learn to heal its wounds.

(Each comes forward, one at a time, and touches the tail of the Scorpion, which should be sharp. Each tells Selket, aloud or silently, where the poison is in them which makes them hurt others, and asks for her help in controlling it.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]